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Court Reporter (Dallas, TX)

Calloquy, PBC

Calloquy, PBC Dallas TX United States

1 month ago

Calloquy is creating the next era of litigation. Our virtual litigation platform makes it easier to litigate complex cases in a manner that is safe and reliable. We are on a mission to harness the power of technology to make a more fair, accessible, and efficient justice system. To take the next steps in developing our platform and prepare for growth, we intend to hire experienced, professional... stenographic court reporters to join our team fulltime in Dallas, Texas. Only licensed court reporters with RPRs or above should apply.

Calloquy is looking for court reporters who want to collaborate with us to shape the next era of litigation. You will join our team before product launch to help us ensure that our platform is ready for primetime. You will be responsible for realtime transcription of depositions and arbitrations, but your primary focus will be helping to create a world-class experience for the customers and court reporters who ultimately use our virtual litigation platform. You will work full time for the company inside a professional environment, able to forget about the hassles of lining up jobs and sending out invoices. You will collaborate with others in our team, including our product development and sales teams. You will have access to all of the benefits of working for a cutting edge, state-of-the-art technology company, including generous benefits and paid vacations. Bring your skills, talent, curiosity, creativity, and an open mind.

Key Responsibilities
• Test our virtual litigation platform in a variety of real world settings and provide consistent feedback and input on how to enhance the platform from the perspective of a court reporter
• Attend online depositions and other proceedings that require written transcripts using our new and innovative platform
• Provide rough drafts of transcripts to counsel, and parties involved, when requested
• Provide realtime service for optional viewing by attorneys during depositions
• Stenographically record and produce an accurate verbatim record of all proceedings
• Prepare transcripts with CAT software of choice to upload to Calloquy platform
• Maintain exhibits during depositions as required using the Calloquy platform
• Partner with scopists and proofreaders for transcript completion

• Requires accurately reporting (taking down steno) legal proceedings at speeds of 225 words per minute and translating takedown from steno to English.
• Working knowledge of legal and medical terminology, correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
• Knowledge and understanding of laws, rules, and regulations governing court reporting profession and transcription activities, policies and procedures. Ability to use court reporting and transcription equipment. Knowledge of general office practices, procedures, equipment, and technology.
• Compliance with professional standards of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). Maintaining exhibits and documentary evidence. Communicating effectively with counsel, coworkers, supervisors, and the public.

Education & Experience
• High school diploma or GED required; and completion of required apprentice and/or internship training in court reporting and sufficient course work to obtain certification as a professional court reporter from a recognized licensing or accrediting agency, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Licensing Requirements
• Certification by the Board of Court Reporting of the Judicial Council of Georgia
• Professional Certification as a Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) issued through the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) or Certified Verbatim Reporter (CVR) issued through the National Verbatim Reporters Association (NVRA)
• RPR or above certification through NCRA or other certifying body
• Notary requirements contingent upon state
• Valid driver’s license

Our Values and Beliefs

Work for the Collective Good
We are a for-profit company with a social mission. We strive to promote the collective good of our employees, our customers, our shareholders, and the justice system. 

Think Big
We’re working to create a fair legal system that protects the rights of all individuals and promotes the rule of law in a cost-effective manner. Bring your big ideas and get ready to put them into action.

Do the Right Thing
Doing the “right thing” is never the wrong thing. Always strive to do what is right for our customers, for our business, and for the rule of law.

Dignity for All
Diversity, inclusion and belonging are key to our success. We aim to create more equal access to the justice system, and we foster a culture that is inclusive and supports all team members in achieving their professional goals. We value our customers and treat our colleagues with respect.

Solve the Problem
When you see a problem, don’t assume that someone else is already working on the solution. We all take responsibility for identifying and resolving problems for our stakeholders.

Learn From Our Mistakes
We are all human, and we will all make mistakes. Own up to them. Learn from them and grow.

Earn Trust
Trust is essential to the success of our business. In each action we take, we must consider whether it is the action that will deepen or destroy trust. 

Take Action
We have lofty goals, and we are actively working to achieve them. The willingness to take action, even in the face of uncertainty, will be essential to our success.

Hire and Retain the Best
Our people are our most valuable asset. We must have the processes and systems in place to ensure that we hire and retain the best. Period.

Help Others Succeed
We should all strive for constant professional growth. Professional growth requires great mentors, thoughtful leaders, and the desire to see others succeed
Dallas TX USA

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