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Position Summary

The purpose of this role is to provide an amazing super fast delivery/logistics experience to Shoppyrex Customers

The Logistics officer will be directly responsible for providing logistic support and overseeing the overall logistic processes

The logistic Officer is responsible for the planning, oversight, and management and coordination of logistics operations to ensure smooth accomplishment of targets.

You will manage product flow from the company down to the customer, loss prevention and overall customer service. In addition, the role will ensure that the business is operating at optimal levels and that Logistic partners and staff provide exceptional and efficient services that meet the expectations and needs of customers and clients at all times.
• You will help our customers get their product delivered by providing an amazing swift and fast delivery experience and support. Doing this will directly contribute to revenue growth for the company by way of product... purchase, referrals and renewals.
• You will be responsible for Organizing 3PL Logistics Partners, including managing information accrued from point of origin to delivery, orchestrating third party logistic movements, and arranging for services as necessary
• Selecting the best logistics for pickup and delivery
• You will be the intermediary between our customer and Shoppyrex by following up with the customer and making sure the delivery agent your select or go with delivers to our customer ontime(24-48hours delivery)
• Planning and monitoring inbound and outgoing deliveries
• In this role, you’ll also be responsible for overseeing some financial tasks like remitting money ontime, confirming debit/credit transactions, responding to refund requests
• You will apply your multitasking skills by listening and speaking to customers/riders, and navigating phones simultaneously.
• You will have the ability to swiftly gain customer confidence and trust.

With this in mind…

You’re the type of person that loves turning negative experiences into positive ones.

The job is partly proactive, partly reactive.

Day to day, you’ll be working with and continuously improving our Delivery and Logistics Process and Order management systems

You’ll be accountable for these KPIs:
• Delivery Rate: 75%+ of Customers Receive Their Product Ontime
• Product Waybill and Pickup to and from other logistics officer
• Speedy Bank Remittance
• Net Promoter Score (NPS) Rating: How many of our prospects become leads and finally converted into clients?
• Referral Revenue: 10% – 20% of company revenue comes from referrals
• Renewals: 25% – 50%+ of customers renew their relationship with Shoppyrex via an additional product purchase

(We’ll explain the KPIs to you if you don’t understand what it’s about) Simply put, when our customers order and collect their product everyone wins.

Please You MUST be:
• High energy / high EQ, with the ability to motivate people [Customers and team of riders you will be working with (Gain their trust and help them make decisions)
• Excited and experienced to deliver top-notch delivery experience to customer
• Systems-oriented; a long-term decision-maker; you’re not satisfied solving the same challenge more than once; you fix it the first time & create a process to fix it forever
• Excited to change lives, one customer, at a time!
• The capacity to work independently and collaboratively without compromising quality or accuracy.

NOTE: This position is FULL-TIME and VIRTUAL. Meaning you work from your region (With your team of riders). The team here at Shoppyrex is located all over the country. Preference for this position is someone in Ashanti, Central, Western, Eastern, Northern, Brong-Ahafo Region

Please DO NOT apply for this position if you:
• Have NO or less than 6 months of Supply Chain management or Logistics Experience or
• Have never worked in an online or offline Customer Service, Supply chain or logistics position
• Can not write or speak good and solid English
• Fearful and SHY (You can’t hold a conversation with people or network with important personnel)
• Have no interest in books, courses, businesses and personal growth.

• Love to “wow” customers by your Speedy and fast Deliveries
• Experience managing a team and communicating with upwards of 50+ customers per day online (email, social media, chat and on the phone)
• Has a personal computer and a Good smartphone
• Must be able to hit set targets and deliver under pressure: Delivering your task even under pressure without frowning, getting angry unnecessarily or passing your emotions(Anger e.t.c) to riders or customers
• You can work virtually from home without distraction: No Distraction please
• You’re personally self-driven, self motivated and creative
• You’re disciplined and honest
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written)
• Focus on root issues, and fix them, instead of embracing band-aid solutions.
• Integrity, self-awareness and adaptability
• You have a good grasp of how to use Google Drive, Email, Microsoft Office Suite (Words, Excel & PowerPoint), Zoom/Skype & Facebook (in general)
• You can speak English fluently
• Your written English is solid
• One-to-many mentality, not just one-to-one

• At least 1 year of Supply Chain/Logistics Management at a company that has an online or offline presence.
• Experience in an online business environment while dealing with prospects, leads and clients.
• Managing team of riders

Roles & Responsibilities:
• Planning And Monitoring Inbound And Outgoing Deliveries
• Organize 3pl Logistics Partners, Including Managing Information Accrued From Point Of Origin To Delivery, Orchestrating Third Party Logistic Movements, And Arranging For Services As Necessary
• Supervising Labeling Goods, Plot Routes, Processing Shipments And Customer Services.
• Selecting The Best Logistics For Pickup And Deliver
• Responding To And Proper Management Of Any Arising Issues Or Complaints.
• Researching Ideal Shipping Techniques, Routing, And Efficient And Reliable Logistic Companies We Can Partner With
• Research And Updating Logistic List With New Logistics To Avoid Inefficiencies
• Updating And Evaluating Metrics To Assess Performance And Implement Enhancements.
• Keep Abreast Of Market Trends To Determine The Need For Improvements
• Analyse Sales And Revenue Reports, Make Forecasts
• Prepare A Weekly Report Showing A Summary Of Stock Balances, Movements.
• Maintain Stock Of Bad Stock And Ensure They Are Accounted For.
• Review Delivery Rates And Other Transportation Costs To Keep Working Costs Low
• Monitor Stock Levels And Purchases And Ensure We Don’t Run Out Of Stock
• Liaising And Negotiating With Third Party Logistics And Consumers
• Keep Track Of Quality, Quantity, Delivery Times, Transport Costs And Efficiency
• Write Out The Policy Of Each Logistic Company, Pickup And Delivery Policy, Speed Of Delivery, Location They Deliver To, Delivery Prices And Remittance Process
• Keep Customers Informed By Forwarding Notice Of Item Availability, Shipment Date, Method, Status And Responding To Enquiries As It Relates To Delivery.
• Updating Customer Order Status On Our Crm
• Maintain Informational And Working Relationships With The Proper Local Authorities And Organisations
• Monitor Operations Effectiveness And Efficiency In All Back-Office Processes And Stock Management, Ensuring The Compliance With Company Guidelines And Procedures, Respect Of Health & Safety, Security, Facilities And Legal Operations.
• Data Entry: Updating Customer Order Dashboard
• Data Entry: Updating Product Inventory
• Timely Remittance
• Monthly Report Of Each Staff ( Amount Spent, Customer-Complains, Meeting Minute, Innovation, Financial Report)

• GHC450, GHC550 & upwards of GHC800; commensurate with skills, qualifications and experience.. We also have a commission based payment system

We believe that our people are the main drivers of success in Shoppyrex.

That’s why we find generous and innovative ways to thank employees for their hard work and dedication.

We have a whole host of benefits to help you enjoy work to the full.


Interested and qualified candidates should fill the form on this link-

Job Types: Full Time Virtual, Permanent

Salary:- GHC450- GHC800 Per month


BEWARE OF FRAUDSTERS!!! JSH does not receive money in exchange for a job position. Should you be asked for money in exchange for a job offer or suspect such activity, please report this immediately to our Security Department, Investigation Unit, by calling +233 205836536 Ext 2222 (rates apply) or use our whistle-blowing channels by calling or sending an SMS to+233 205836536 (SMS rates apply) or emailing [email protected]
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