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Senior Viticulturist West Kelowna

Mission Hill Winery

Mission Hill Winery West Kelowna Canada

1 month ago

We are leading Canada in organic and sustainable practices, and the Okanagan may well have the largest percentage of certified organic vineyards of any wine producing region in the world. We have soils that are more alive, vines that are healthier and stronger, and grapes that have increased flavours and varietal character, and as a result, wines that stand out even July 2021 we received organic certification for our estate vineyards which means we now have the largest percentage of certified organic vineyards of any wine producing region in the world.

This is a game changer for the Okanagan.


Duties & Responsibilities Develop and maintain a viticulture program to achieve target yields and quality on a block by block basis. This program will include functions such as pruning, canopy management, shoot and cluster thinning.

Monitor vineyards for phenology and pest &diseases and provide spray programs to vineyard management towards organic viticulture.

Monitor soil and vine... health to determine fertilizer and compost programs.

Implement detailed irrigation management programs.

Establish and maintain working relationship with all company stakeholders to realize the aim of producing world class wine.

Assess vineyards and provide Viticulture work orders and decisions to Vineyard Operations Team to execute.

Conduct research on current issues or problems and provide recommendations for their resolution.

Ensure all work directed to be carried out and all nutrient and spray programs complies with all provincial and federal regulations and should be aimed at continuous improvement in vineyard sustainability programs.

Oversee the summer vineyard technician program; recruiting, training, ensuring the safety of and cultural integration into the Viticulture team Track all viticulture programs on computer databases for analysis and review for continuous improvement and quality.

Participate in fruit maturity sampling programs and related harvest activities.

Carry out field trials and cooperate with research organizations on industry research projects. Development:
Create and execute a development plan for all company vineyard development – to include:

Site assessment – soils, aspect, climate

Grapevine recommendations – variety, clone, rootstock

Site preparation – site stability, clearing, earthworks, soil preparation and amendment

Vineyard design – layout, trellis, irrigation – survey quality

At planting - oversee execution of development plan by Vineyard Operations Team Manage delivery and preparation of plants

Post planting – vine training, irrigation, nutrition, weed control and plant protection (in conjunction with site viticulturist)

Qualifications &

Requirements Tertiary degree or Post Graduate Diploma in Viticulture or related Agricultural Science from respected and recognized University.

Minimum of 10 years viticulture experience, preferably in environments managing a minimum of 100 acres over multiple sites.

Proven experience in vineyard development with a hands-on approach.

Proven knowledge in vineyard interventions including irrigation, nutrition, pruning, canopy management, and pest and disease management.

Experience working in partnership with vineyard managers on multiple sites.

Experience using technology for capture and reporting (e.g., GPS data collection systems).Detail Oriented, Organized, Analytical nature.

Team player with outstanding communication skills.

High degree of information technology literacy.

Valid Driver’s license and clean driving record
West Kelowna BC

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