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Valeo ist ein globales Technologieunternehmen, das innovative Lösungen entwickelt, um die Mobilität neu zu erfinden. Wir sind ein Partner von Automobilherstellern und Akteuren der neuen Mobilität weltweit. Unsere Vision? Eine grünere und sicherere Mobilität zu erfinden, dank Lösungen, die sich auf intuitives Fahren und die Reduzierung von CO2-Emissionen konzentrieren. Wir sind führend in unseren Geschäftsbereichen und werden als eines der weltweit größten innovativen Unternehmen anerkannt.

• Manage the APZ under his/her responsibility, in respect to the objectives assigned by the APU Manager.
• Be responsible for production in terms of SQCDM and targets achievement.
• Be responsible for animating and managing the teams in terms of TQ, IP & VPS.
• Lead continuous improvement of his/her perimeter.
• Spend most of time genba and ensure that work standards and rules are applied in its perimeter.

• Manage people
• Be responsible for induction of all newcomers in... his/her perimeter (temporaries included). Ensure the organization and scheduling of training actions.
• Analyse flexibility and multiskills needs of his/her APZ, and define training plans in order to develop team autonomy and improvement spirit.
• Monitor certification process for each operator and update in real time flexibility grid.
• Manage daily: absenteeism, holidays, safety rules enforcement, environment risk analysis, APZ communication & performance boards update.
• Ensure respect of standard stops (breaks, meetings) by checking systematically on genba, and validate operators working time.
• Ensure that standards of reaction are applied with rigor (eg. KOSU) and perform escalation according to standards.
• Follow up APZ main objectives in monthly meetings with all people under his/her responsibility. o Is responsible for personnel involvement and ensure a positive social climate.
• Conduct operators’ annual appraisals, as well as salary review and career interviews.
• Maintain standards
• Perform OJT of his/her teams every day on standards implemented.
• Ensure enforcement of health, safety, environmental & site rules for the APTs of its perimeter, and that anybody entering his/her perimeter respect the rules and standards of his/her perimeter.
• Ensure existence of updated working instructions for every station, including reworks.
• Ensure respect of all working standards (safety, work instructions, quality, 5S, respect of the product, OK start …) during the operations and propose/ implement improvements.
• Define work standards with the help of support functions and operators.
• Ensure ERIM standards are properly deployed and used : abnormalities detection (formalized on red tags), systematic inspection & regular cleaning of equipment by team, 1st levels of preventive maintenance, maintenance line QRQCs.
• Control regularly genba equipment performance (including cycle time measurements, and microstoppages observation sessions), and react.
• Make regularly time-measurements with main MUDA seeking as per KOSU implementation guide. o Ensure that all displays of his/her perimeter (QCDM by APT, QCDM & communication areas at APZ level) are updated at end of shift, and make sure that workers have necessary material to do so.
• Manage production
• Propose every week APZ headcounts & organization to the APU Manager, according to MPS. o Ensure production, respecting SQCDM & inventory targets.
• In case a detected problem cannot be solved by the APT, assign and check containment and corrective actions with APU support functions and / or management.
• Review daily all QRAP of his/her perimeter.
• React in case of issue & escalate issues at APU level when needed.
• Liaise with Supply Chain team on MPS daily priorities.
• Respect daily the MPS contract.
• In case of daily MPS respect deviation, take necessary measures within the week, after validation by APU Manager, to have respected weekly MPS at end of the week.
• Get involvement of support functions every time necessary to solve as fast as possible the issues identified by APTs.
• Monitor shift QCDM and ensures QCDM boards are updated.
• Make reports defined by site.
• Manage Continuous Improvement
• Lead action plans to improve SQCDM performance (actual and targets), in coherence with APU & Plant, including productivity plans (P-30).
• Reach and maintain a dynamic and efficient Proposals of Improvements system.
• Participate to safety and environment risks reduction & lead line Safety QRQC for cat. 7 safety issues. o Contribute to new equipment and processes start ups.
• Lead Zoning evolution and improvements by his/her team.
• Participate to APU QRQC: Quality, DL efficiency, Maintenance, prepare and come with necessary data for an efficient attendance.
• Pilot PDCA / FTA & Maintenance 5 WHYs on topics assigned by APU Manager (Safety, Quality, KOSU-DL efficiency, Maintenance).
• Prepare LLC & Kaizen Cards.
• Lead VPS workshops (flow analysis – MUDA hunting, 5S, Hoshin, TPM ...) and liaise with Site VPS Manager for training to methodologies; Participate to weekly Site VPS committee, presenting regularly genba the status of workshops he/she is leading.
• Liaise with support functions to facilitate improvement actions within the APTs.
• Participate to budget preparation (headcounts, overheads, investments, P-30) and manage the budget of his/her APZ.
• Promote the Valeo 5 axes in daily activities, develop improvement plan on VPS, IP, TQ and reach assigned V5000 targets.


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Individual employment contract - permanent

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• a multi-cultural environment that values diversity and international collaboration
• more than 100,000 colleagues in 31 countries... which make a lot of opportunity for career growth
• a business highly committed to limiting the environmental impact if its activities and ranked by Corporate Knights as the number one company in the automotive sector in terms of sustainable development

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