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Social Worker (EIC) Singapore

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Primary Objectives of Position

To maximize the potential of children with developmental needs by facilitating timely access to child-centric and family-centric early intervention services.

To be an integral part of a collaborative professional team providing holistic assessments and interventions to children and their caregivers to maximize their potential for development, improved quality of life, and smooth transition into special or mainstream schools.

To provide client and family-centric social work interventions to support families by connecting families to relevant schemes and community resources, safeguarding the safety and welfare of children through case management and counseling services, caregivers education and skills training, support groups, and community participation programs.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Timely access to child-centric and family-centric early intervention services .
• Support the Referral to enrolment work processes of EIC, such as outreach... activities, center visits, initial screenings, enrolment of new students, etc. .
• Consolidate information and documents necessary for Means Test and Financial Assistance applications, and work with AWWA's Registry to fulfill documentation and audit requirements of EIC Funding bodies.

2. To implement EIC work processes pertaining to the client's journey with AWWA EIC, i.e. enrolment to withdrawal/discharge as outlined in SOP.

3. Case Management

3.1 Collaborative Team approach .
• To be an integral part of the EIC's Collaborative Professional Team, consisting of Teachers, Allied Health Professionals, and Social Workers. .
• To pro-actively promote the clients' holistic learning & development, and attainment of child / family-centric goals through collaborative goal setting, Team discussions, Parent Teacher Conferences, recommendation and implementation of appropriate class placements, in-class and/or home-based support, parents/caregivers engagement and coaching, and referrals to suitable services within/outside AWWA. .
• To facilitate a smooth transition of graduating students to suitable special or mainstream schools, i.e. collaborative consultation with professional staff and parents/caregivers on the educational pathway, suitable school placement, Special School applications, etc.

3.2 Client and family-centric Social Work Intervention .
• To conduct financial assistance assessment and connect needy families to relevant assistance schemes, within and outside AWWA. families, to manage and mitigate risks related to child safety and welfare, family violence, caregiver stress, and well-being through classroom observations, and caregivers' interviews via various modes of engagement (including home visits). .
• To generate and prioritize intervention plans to address the needs of the family, i.e. individual casework, caregiver psycho-education, group work, or connecting to community and/or government agencies/resources. .
• To liaise with and contribute to case conferences with relevant helping agencies (FSC, HDB, MOH, MSF, hospitals- KKH, NUH, SCS, Sg Enable, etc) to support families in need. .
• To work with professional colleagues and caregivers to generate and implement Individual Caregiver Support Plan (ICSP). .
• To maintain updated documentation of work carried out, i.e. case recording, salesforce data management system, SW outputs, etc.

4. Programme Planning .
• To carry out needs assessments to identify service gaps and needs of the clientele (including caregivers) and apply the information and knowledge to program planning and design. .
• To plan and implement caregiver embed programs to support and empower caregiving families in AWWA, i.e. workshops, support groups, bonding and respite programs, community participation programs, etc. .
• To work with relevant EIC and/or AWWA departments and volunteers in planning and implementing the above-mentioned programs. .
• To conduct program evaluation and client satisfaction surveys to evaluate the outputs and outcomes of the programs.

5. Training & development .
• To apply the principles and protocols as guided by the SASW professional Code of Ethics, which can be found at this link: line).pdf .
• To participate actively in professional sharing, case consultations, individual and group supervision, training programs, and continuing education for personal and professional development so as to stay current and relevant in practice. .
• To be engaged in evidence-based practice by keeping up with research findings on relevant practice areas and tracking current trends by keeping up with updates and news on the disability sector.

6. Any other relevant duties as assigned by the supervisor or Centre Manager, Director, CEO, or Management.

Job Specifications

1. Minimum Education / Qualifications .
• Bachelor in Social Work

2. Minimum Years of Relevant Experience .
• Candidates with at least 3 years of experience are preferred. .
• Experience in Disability Social work or experience in working with families of special needs will be an added advantage.

3. Knowledge/Skills .
• Able to do a needs assessment and address the needs using various modes of intervention like groupwork, case management that involves casework and counseling, planning, and implementing relevant programs. .
• Microsoft office skills.

4. Attributes (functional or leadership competencies) .
• Dynamic team player with good interpersonal and presentation skills. .
• Meticulous and organized

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