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• Expertise France is the public agency of French international technical cooperation.The agency operates around four priorities : - democratic, economic and financial governance;
• security and stability of countries in crisis / post-crisis situations;- sustainable development;- strengthening health systems, social protection and employment.

In these areas, Expertise France carries out engineering and implementation missions for capacity building projects, mobilizes technical expertise and acts as an aggregator of projects involving public expertise and private know-how.

With an activity volume of 233 million euros, more than 400 projects in portfolio in 80 countries, and 63,000 days of expertise, Expertise France focuses its action towards Frances solidarity policy, influence and economic diplomacy.

Job Summary : Expertise France is recruiting a Public debt expert, specialized in debt portfolio management and financial law, for a six (6) months mission within the framework of a... project supporting the implementation of public finance management reforms in Kenya.

The person selected will also, in close collaboration with the Project Coordinator based in the Kenyan PFMR Secretariat and Expertise France's head office in Paris, ensure the operational steering and coordination of all activities, communication and other necessary cross-cutting activities of the project regarding the beneficiary administration, AFD and the technical partners in France.

DESCRIPTION OF THE MISSIONThe expert will come from a French public administration. He / she will be based in Nairobi for a duration of at least six (6) months.

He / she will be part of the project team, and will be under the supervision of Expertise Frances project manager. He / she will be in charge of (i) the support to the PDMOs work plan implementation and (ii) the local technical assistance program management.

i. Support to the PDMOs work plan implementation 70% The support to the PDMO is one of the most important activities of the Project.

The expert will have a strong experience on debt management issues and will provide his / her expertise and experience to the PDMO on debt management issues following the work plan that was agreed between the PDMO and AFD / EF in October 2019.

He / she will work in close collaboration with key senior experts based in French public institutions.The expert will thus address the following activities : - TA on supporting the debt management organization and governance to achieve the debt and borrowing policy objectives in the most efficient way.
• This activity comprises the preparation of : - A draft operation manual giving guidelines on responsibilities, governance and accountability of the PDMO;
• A draft code of conduct to be prepared with the team;- A draft operational manual regarding transparency issues towards investors and communication guidelines.
• TA on developing a framework for risk management. This activity shall allow the development of a cartography of the risks related to PDMOs operational activities- TA on restructuring the debt portfolio to minimize risks and costs : - Propose a presentation of an operational model for optimal level and structure of public debt in Kenya and train the PDMO staff on the model, including by reviewing the Mid Term Debt Strategy towards the model;
• Writing of a memo on new debt instruments and propose workshops to prepare a strategy for Kenya to diversify its debt instruments and restructure its loans.

He / she will be particularly associated with the key short-term expert who is already working with the PDMO since 2019. His / her work will be complementary with the remoted support of the key expert.

He / she will be responsible to the good implementation of the work plan established with the PDMO in 2019, and he / she will identify new needs if needed.

The expert will facilitate the implementation of debt management activities and will identify complementary needs of short-term expertise, if necessary.

Coming from the French Public Administration, the Expert will add value to the PDMO by supporting the teams in their functioning as well as through specific training answering the Offices needs.

During his / her mission, the expert will focus on maximizing the transfer of skills to the PDMO and other GESDEK implementing agencies, with the help of formal and informal relations and trainings to ensure a long-lasting impact.

ii. Local Technical Assistance program management 30%Other components of the project also need support to be implemented given the constraint context.

The expert will thus be mobilized to facilitate the virtual and, hopefully, physical missions. As a representative of Expertise France for this TA programhe / she will accompany the resident Project Coordinator based in the PFMR Secretariat in the identification of the TA needs considering its knowledge of the functioning of the French administration.

In close collaboration with the resident Project Coordinator and the project manager of Expertise France, he / she will participate to : - The preparation and support implementation of the field missions by preparing and monitoring agendas of each mission.

Support the quality control of the deliverables.- The implementation of the Project activities on a day-to-day basis (including visibility and communication activities).

He / she shall provide a good leadership and coordination for the technical assistance to meet the goals within the contractual time limit, based on the terms of reference, the overall project budget, and the work schedule approved by all the stakeholders.

The expert will support the follow-up of the Project by reporting on the activities and updating the rolling work program, in close collaboration with the Expertise France project manager and the resident project coordinator.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION 1 : # ftn1 : Support to the implementation of the PFM reforms in KenyaThe Kenyan National Treasury has initiated several Public Finance Management Reform (PFMR) initiatives under the PFM Act and the PFMR strategy 2018-2023.

The Public Finance Management Reforms (PFMR) Strategy aims at building a vision for A public finance management system that is efficient, effective and equitable for transparency, accountability and improved service delivery for Kenyans.
• The current PFMR strategy has eight priority areas outlining key PFM reforms : - Sustainable and predictable fiscal space to deliver government programs;
• Strategic and transparent spending on public investment and service delivery in line with National and County Policy Commitments;
• Reliable cash for service delivery and public investment;- Value for money in procurement and contract management;- Value for money, performance & accountability in staffing for service delivery;
• Education institutions, health and other service facilities effectively manage public resources;- Disciplined financial management and accurate reporting, and;
• Accountability delivered through audit, oversight and follow up.AFD is supporting the implementation of the PFMR Strategy, along with a sectoral budget support the GESDEK Program - cofinanced with the World Bank, using the Program for results tool.

AFDs support is funded through two means : - A soft loan in the form of a Sector Budget Support (SBS), of 30 million euros.

A grant in the form of a Technical assistance support (TA) of 1.5 million euros, managed by Expertise France, the French public agency for international technical assistance.

The TA support also aims to promote partnerships between Kenyan institutions and their French counterparts peer-to-peer exchange program.

It is financed through the Fund for Technical Expertise and Experience Transfers (FEXTE), which is exclusively dedicated to technical-cooperation programs and project-preparation studies in developing countries.

This peer-to-peer exchange program, operated by Expertise France, will aim to provide high-level French expertise to strengthen the implementation of the (PFM reforms, mainly the ones that are targeted by AFD under the GESDEK program (public investment management, debt management, cash management, external audit process).

The PFMR Secretariat of the National Treasury monitors the implementation of the TA support in conjunction with the other departments of the National Treasury and the Office of the Auditor General.

The TA support is focused on four components : - Component 1 : Strengthen the National Treasury capacity to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the State portfolio management, in particular through public investment management- Component 2 : Strengthen the National Treasury capacities for fiscal risk management mechanisms- Component 3 : Strengthen the National Treasury capacities for debt management- Component 4 : Strengthen the Office of the Auditor General capacity to ensure accountability and oversight of public resourcesOne of the main activities of this project is a support to the National Treasury on debt management issues, with close collaboration with the Public Debt Management Office (PDMO).

A precise work plan has been elaborated at the end of 2019, but the sanitary crisis significantly delayed its implementation.

Indeed, considering the sanitary context, no mission in Kenya have been organized since March 2020, causing important delays in the implementation of the work plans activities.

For this reason, Expertise France is looking for a French expert, specialized in Public Debt Management, to be a resident project manager in Nairobi.
• So far, the technical assistance is implemented by a project team composed of : - A project manager based in Expertise France's head office in Paris;
• A resident project coordinator based in the PFMR Secretariat, in Nairobi;- A project manager from AFDs Agency in Nairobi.

1 : # ftnref1 By Project is meant the TA support funded by AFD with the 1.5 M EUR grant. By GESDEK Program is meant the GESDEK co-financed by AFDs and the WBs soft loans.
• SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS : - University postgraduate degree in a field relevant to the assignment : Public administration, Finance, project management, economics or any other relevant fields;
• Excellent general knowledge and understanding of the public administration, especially public financial institutions;- Excellent organizational, communication, interpersonal and cultural sensitivity skills and capacity to the public administration, especially public financial institutions;
• Ability to work in a multicultural environment and adaptability to foreign systems and institutions;- Ability to work as part of a team;
• Excellent report writing skills;- Good command of computer applications and information technologies (such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Internet browsers);
• Proficiency in English.PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE : - A minimum of 7 years experience on PFM in the French Public Administration;
• At least 3 years professional experience on Debt Management;- Experience in similar assignments would be an added value;
• Proven experience of working in a multi-cultural environment;- Experience in working on cooperation projects;- Experience in coordination or supervision of TA programs with public authorities (at the National Government level) will be appreciated
Nairobi Kenya

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