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Customer Success Sales Engineer Atlanta

Michelin Inc

Michelin Inc Atlanta GA Georgia

2 months ago

Nextraq is a Michelin Group Company, within its Services & Solutions division. We are a player in a high-growth, competitive technology industry. Following a period of transformation and repositioning, Nextraq has launched a growth strategy covering go-to-market, product, and a significant investment in talent.

We help B2B fleets operate in a profitable and sustainable way. We approach fleets by... business needs, helping address their most important challenges, such as:
• Cost control
• Safety and compliance
• Cargo and vehicle security
• Monitoring of cargo
• Productivity and on time delivery

Our offer delivers an IoT solution which enables customers to manage and optimize their entire fleet. The IoT solution includes a high-performance SaaS platform and a family of embedded devices which are installed in assets and vehicles to provide real-time telemetry data feeds.

Today, as part of the Michelin group, we have 800,000 connected vehicles across Europe, North America and Latin America. Our ambition is to be the #1 global fleet management business and, as such, we are expanding into new markets.

Position Summary:

A Sales Engineer is both "a salesperson that understands and can apply engineering" and "an engineer that understands how to sell engineered systems". Not only sell but also provide advice and support. They provide this service to various internal or external customers.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Help potential customers understand, compare, and contrast the solutions that are available for buying (the pre-sales role); to troubleshoot problems with their implementations—that is, to help ensure that the solutions work successfully once the buying decision has been made (the post-sales role); and to maximize sales for the sales engineer's employer by providing such help to the customers.
• Introduce modified, improved, and/or advanced technology to potential users who may have an application but who have not yet acquired knowledge of the material or technique in question. The sales engineer may conduct training sessions or demonstrations to accomplish this.
• Collaborate with the design, production, engineering, or R&D departments of their companies to determine how products and services could be made or modified to suit customers' needs.
• Sales engineers must build and maintain parallel expertise in "soft skill" disciplines such as business acumen, presentation skills, building customer relationships, developing an engagement strategy, and having a thorough understanding of the targeted industry
• Assist the sales person in the RFP process by understanding whether Nextraq has the technical capabilities requested by the customer
• Act as a liaison/customer expert when it comes to designing web services to allow customer’s solutions to interact with NexTraq solutions.
• Prepare and deliver technical presentations explaining products or services to existing and prospective customers
• Prepare and deliver technical presentations explaining products or services to customers and prospective customers
• Enhances the NexTraq brand by providing high levels of professionalism and experience supporting the current and future customer base

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
• Problem Solving
• Product Knowledge
• Selling to Customer Needs
• Software Requirements
• Product Development
• Presentation Skills
• General Programming Skills
• Technical Understanding
• Verbal Communication
• Requirements Analysis
• Innovation

Education Required:
• Bachelor’s degree in engineering, sales, computer science or related field required
Atlanta GA USA

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