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Lower School Counselor Pontiac

Archdiocese of Detroit

Archdiocese of Detroit Pontiac MI United States

2 months ago

Notre Dame is committed to creating a work environment in which employee relationships are characterized by dignity, courtesy, respect, and equitable treatment, as well as an environment where there are opportunities for participation, challenge, broadening experiences, and growth. NDPMA is committed to a work environment in which employees receive support, recognition, and appreciation for a job... well done.

Notre Dame is a Roman Catholic, Marist educational institution. All employees and staff are obligated to provide a Catholic role model for students, and may not engage in, nor endorse publicly, any actions or beliefs contrary to the teachings, standards, and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. Hiring and employment practices are based on job-related criteria including, but not limited to, one’s fidelity to the Catholic faith, comporting oneself in a manner that is not detrimental to the Catholic Church or inconsistent with its teachings or principles, individual merit, ability, experience, performance, education, and training. These standards apply to all aspects of employment including hiring, selection, advancement, compensation, reasonable accommodation, promotion, training, retention, and termination.

Lower School Counselor Job Description

Overview: To support students in education, prevention and intervention, social/emotional development through the elementary years. Provide a proactive program to engage students, which includes leadership, advocacy and collaboration with school faculty, administration, and family, in the delivery of the program and activities to assist in student success. Collaborate with teachers and parents on early identification and intervention of academic and social/emotional needs.

Responsible to: Principal

• Master’s Degree or higher in Counseling, Education or Social work
• SCL School Counselor License (or)
• NT Endorsement for teacher-certified school counselors (or)
• LPC Licensed Professional Counselor
• Ability to organize tasks and manage time to meet many and varied deadlines and communicate effectively with students, administration, faculty, parents, including sensitive topics
• Working familiarity with student assessment tools, especially in evaluating and interpreting standardized test results

Essential Functions
• Model the Mission of the school
• Help students attain an optimum level of personal and social adjustment
• Consult with administration, faculty, parents and supporting agencies concerning the needs and abilities of students
• Communicate effectively with all members of the school community
• React to change productively and handle other tasks as assigned

General Responsibilities
• Advises and counsels students regarding academic, educational and social/emotional problems
• Remains universally accessible and makes an effort to know every student, especially those they are responsible for
• Provides individual student planning and responsive services to support students and their families.
• Provides guidance counseling to students through planned activities in small group or classroom settings to convey educational, social and school information.
• Consults and maintains communication with administrators, teachers, parents on specific student academic and social matters.
• Provides feedback and recommends appropriate action and solutions to individual academic and social needs and abilities
• Participates on student success, identifies students who may need targeted or intensive services and coordinates with behavioral health specialists
• Provides counseling to address social, emotional, and educational concerns and appropriately refers students to behavioral health specialists.
• Communicates, coordinates, and collaborates with behavioral health specialists on developing and implementing student supports
• Supports and attends appropriate student activities and events
• Update and maintain confidential student records
• Keep abreast of new information, innovative ideas and techniques
• Desire and ability to work with students at the specified age level to accomplish their educational goals
• Ability to organize tasks and manage time to meet many and varied deadlines and communicate effectively with students, administration, faculty and parents, including topics which may be sensitive
• Obtain advance approval of Principal for all activities and expenditures
• Other duties as assigned by the Principal
Pontiac MI USA

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