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Head of Analytics Stockholm

Wolt Development Sverige AB

Wolt Development Sverige AB Stockholm Sweden

2 months ago

Wolt is a technology company that makes it incredibly easy to discover and get the best restaurants, grocery stores and other local shops delivered to your home or office. Wolt is not just a delivery app –we’re a technology company building a commerce platform to seamlessly connect our millions of customers with thousands of merchant and courier partners, in real-time across 23 countries and 250+ cities.

Our apps (iOS and Android) have the industry’s highest ratings, largely thanks to our customer-first-mindset, which shows in how we build products and run operations. In June 2022 we officially joined forces with Door Dash. Combined, we have a presence in 27 countries, 23 of which operate with the Wolt brand and app. Wolt and Door Dash continue largely independently, with Wolt’s name, brand, product, technology and team.
Working in Product Development at Wolt
At Wolt, we’re about getting things done. You’ll probably enjoy it here if you like taking ownership, developing yourself and... being around friendly, humble and ambitious people.
The behind the scenes of Wolt is run by an awesome bunch of over 400+ planners, builders, designers and data crunchers. We call ourselves Product+, as we’re the very core of Wolt’s products, tools and platforms. To build our products, we work in over 40 cross-functional, independent and autonomous teams. Teams are made up of a mix of talented individuals: engineers, designers, data scientists, analysts, and product leads.

Each team takes ownership for solving customer problems in the best possible way.
Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
We want to have all sorts of people in our team – people like you and me, and people different from you and me. To be able to work with diverse teammates – when it comes to gender, age, ethnicity, life background, sexual orientation, political views, religion, or any other personal trait – we consciously aim to offer equal opportunity for everyone to work with us.

This is because we believe diverse teams make the most thought-through decisions and build things in the most inclusive way.
Join us today to build Wolt together!

Job Description

We're looking for awesome people to join Wolt to either Analytics Lead or Head of Analytics roles in Stockholm, Helsinki or Berlin . We have Data Analysts and Business Intelligence Developers working as embedded data professionals in different business domains and now we’re looking to grow to the next level of maturity and establish proper analytics teams in these domains.

We are looking for 6 domains to be taken over and built from scratch hence you need to be prepared for hands-on and people management exposure at the same time.
The particular domain experience would be amazing to have. These are as follows:
Marketing , Content Discovery and Finance .
For an analytics leader Wolt’s fast-moving business as a local three-sided marketplace offers a demanding but rewarding environment to grow one’s skills in modern analytics. You get to learn a lot, lead a team, grow a team, drive impact via analytics and work with the best people. What could be better than that?
It’s all about passion for data, measuring impact and delivering insights
What we hope from you is that you first and foremost identify yourself as an analytics enthusiast. No matter what the subject of analysis is, you want to deeply understand the problem statement, mechanics of the business and data generation processes as well as deliver insights and impact via analytics. Coming up with ways to measure the incremental business impact of the changes in our platform and operations is the key theme for everyone working in analytics t does success in these roles look like?
Our stakeholders turn to Analytics for objective and reliable measurements and insights. Success in your domain area means that you together with your team members a) establish a solid experimentation culture with your Product stakeholders, b) provide Operations stakeholders with reliable tracking of the business metrics (that you help to design) and c) provide all stakeholders with data-informed guidance and recommendations on things to improve and work on.

Experience in one of the domains we are building up is essential as we want to see a leader who’s not only passionate about analytics in general but also applying it in a certain domain.
Will I get to do hands-on data work?
We are looking for both team leads, who would split their time 50/50 between hands-on work and team leadership, and more senior leaders who most likely have 0-20 % of the time to allocate to hands-on work. In general here at Wolt, we value do-ers so even in senior leadership roles we value that if need be you can do the hands-on work.

Qualifications How muchpeople-leadership experience I should bring to the table?
We are primarily looking for people with experience in analytics leadership roles as we foresee that many of the domain-specific analytics teams will grow to be teams with subteams. This is…
Stockholm Sweden

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