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Safety Officer Safety Advisor III Malaysia

T7 Intelligent Resources

T7 Intelligent Resources Malaysia Malaysia

2 months ago


Provides safety / health support to the site leadership team and the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) ) Contractor's organization. In some cases, responsibilities may extend to other Safety, Security, Health, and Environmental (Safety, Security, Health, and Environment (SSHE) ) issues, status, and metrics.


• Ensure establishment and proper implementation of work processes at the site level as stipulated in the Project Safety Plan and the Project Security Plan

• Monitor, investigate, identify, and resolve site level SSHE issues, evaluate metrics, and provide weekly / monthly reports to responsible line management, Project Team SSHE Team, and Function, as required

• Work with company and contractor’s site management and Safety, Security, Health, and Environment (SSHE) organizations to implement project specific site safety programs

• Advise site Project Team (company, contractor... and subcontractors) of company, contractor, and local authorities’ safety requirements, regulations, expectations, and best practices

• Facilitate and advise contractor and subcontractors to establish, communicate, and implement safety expectations and initiatives; monitor and stimulate execution with contractor’s safety policy, rules, and procedures; and monitor conformance with project and site safety execution plans and implement improvements where appropriate

• Promote safety awareness and safe performance among Project Team members, including consultants and contractor personnel

• Identify and work to eliminate site hazards, unsafe conditions, and unsafe acts; work with company, contractor, and subcontractor management toward achieving an injury-free work place

• Keep site management apprised of significant safety issues and plans / progress toward resolving issues and eliminating hazards

• Assist in implementation of systematic safety processes to assure compliance with the Project Safety Management System (PSMS) requirements

• Collect and analyze data on safety initiatives and performance for reporting to project and functional management

• Identify and assist with prioritization of opportunities for site safety process improvements

• Conduct periodic safety inspections / assessments onsite and at key offsite subcontractor locations in accordance with established project and site safety plans or as requested by Project Team members

• May conduct occasional health inspections, as requested by Medicine and Occupational Health (Medical and Occupational Health (MOH) ) or the (Senior) Project Safety Advisor

• Organize and coordinate SSHE training program

• Develop expectations for project management systems for safety-related activities

• Communicate and coordinate guidelines for company SSHE awareness, recognition, and incentive programs

• Provide assistance to and participate in risk assessment and studies as defined in the Project's SSHE Plan

• Provide regular feedback to (Senior) Project Safety Advisor / Functional Manager / SSHE Manager

• Organize and participate in investigations and follow-up of incidents, including development of remedial action plans

• Assist in the preparation of notifications / reports for communication of significant incidents to company project / functional management as per the company's incident reporting procedures and matrix

• Review and / or critique incident and investigation notifications and reports

• Provide support for training, drills, and other matters related to emergency preparedness and response.

• Collect and share company's lessons learned between site and outside organizations where appropriate

• Encourage heightened SSHE awareness and behavior throughout the site project

• Assist in the facilitation of site level SSHE Steering Committee meetings

• Monitor work processes to ensure compliance with the site work permit system and area / system responsibilities

• Maintains a high degree of ethical conduct

• Prepare / provide a safety induction briefing to new team members and visitors to site

• May collect and report security or health metrics when no security or health advisor is assigned

• May be asked to provide other services by the SSHE Function, Project Leadership Team, and / or (Senior) Project Safety Adviso• Provide ongoing support to proponent organizations to assist them in implementing the Safety Management System and in meeting safety objectives and expectations.

• This support includes: assisting Business Lines in developing safety processes related to risk assessment and management, safety training, asset integrity, safe operations, contractor safety, emergency preparedness, incident investigations, etc.

• Conduct field inspections of onshore and offshore oil/gas facilities, project construction sites, drilling rigs, and support facilities such office buildings, warehouses, and communities. This includes working with BL to identify safety concerns, formulate solutions, and develop practical and cost-effective corrective actions.

• Participate in various safety studies/activities, such as: PHAs, HAZOPs, JSAs, incident investigations, compliance reviews, or insurance surveys.

• Develop and update safety standards, instructions, codes, and formalize them into company documented practices as required.

• Review designs for new projects and upgrade of existing facilities for compliance with company and industry safety standards.

• Respond to emergency situations and incidents either during or after regular working hours, to provide technical assistance and advice.

• Participate in developing and promoting on- or off-job safety educational programs to address safety issues or concerns. Assigned tasks may include: preparation of articles for publication, development of promotional materials, and delivery of presentations.

• Act as a mentor to other loss prevention professionals.


• Bachelor’s or master’s degree or equivalent preferred

• Demonstrated work experience in construction safety-related positions (including some prior oil & gas experience)

• Extensive knowledge of security processes and procedures

• Proficient in use of computers and programs such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Microsoft Office

• Read, write, and speak fluent English, as required to function effectively within a project team

• Prior experience working in a multicultural / multilingual, emerging nation, environment required

• Willingness to travel / live away from home for extended time periods

• Demonstrated ability (through past project successes) to deliver excellence in project SSHE performance

• Demonstrated ability to develop successful internal and external working relationships with emphasis on interfacing in a team environment

• Must be fit for duty for a construction field environment (examples include uneven, unpaved walking surfaces, large structures that are accessible only via ladders or stairs, standing for extended time periods, climbing, bending, walking, reaching, and other physical demands)

• Ability to work in harsh environments (examples include temperature and / or humidity extremes, remote locations with limited amenities) with changing priorities

• Ability to set priorities and work independently in performing contractor services with an appreciation for company processes and procedures

• No training will be provided (other than the company's specific safety standards and procedures

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