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Sales and Client Relations Manager Taguig

Assist America Of The Philippines, Inc.

Assist America Of The Philippines, Inc. Taguig Metro Manila Philippines

2 months ago

The Sales and Marketing Manager will be tasked help plan and execute the sales/marketing strategies of the organization to aid in business growth.

• Develops a Business Plan and Budget to achieve sales goal.
• Identifies all profitable sales opportunities in the territory.
• Develops and keeps current a General Prospect list.
• Develops and keeps current a top Hot Prospective list.
• Provides pro-active assistance to Client Relations is strategic planning and product development to mee client needs and business goals.
• Supports sales initiatives through participation in trade shows and finalist presentations.
• Assists in the development of effective marketing sales materials.
• Conducts and/or oversees all aspects of the sales process, field underwriting, non disclosure form, proposal request, proposal presentation, signing Assistance Services Agreement and obtaining of binder fee.
• Assist existing clients in their sales and service efforts when requested.
•... Submits Annual Sales Plans and related budgets for the Territory.
• Submits Monthly Activity Reports.
• Submits Monthly Expense Account Reports.
• Establishes and maintains constructive and supportive working relationships with other members of the Assist America team both within the territory and in the Southeast Asia region.
• Identification of own market activity, potential new product and service areas for research and development
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Bachelor's/College Degree, Post Graduate Diploma/Master's Degree

Assist America of the Philippines is a member of the Assist America Company in Princeton, USA.

We provide emergency services for some 40 million travelers worldwide.

Founded in 1990, Assist America, Inc. is one of the largest provider of global emergency medical services through employee and student benefit plans. Our company was formed specifically to address the unique requirements of the insurance industry’s large membership groups. We cover employees (or insured association members) and their dependents for business travel, vacations and personal trips for which the moral and legal employer responsibility is lifted.

Our members enjoy complete peace of mind, freed from dealing with complex decisions and financial considerations during difficult times, and secure in knowing that a single phone call to Assist America will put our vast network of resources in motion on behalf of any medical travel emergency. And, if appropriate medical care is not available locally, we will transport a patient, by air ambulance if necessary, to the nearest facility that meets our rigorous standards.

Our 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year Operations Centers are staffed by experienced, knowledgeable, multilingual emergency certified medical and assistance professionals.

If you are passionate about providing excellent customer service click apply on our job post.
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1 - 50 Employees

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Dental, Medical, Business (e.g. Shirts), Life and Personal Accident Insurance, Shifting, 40 hours in a week
Taguig Metro Manila Philippines

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