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Senior Executive, Credit Administration Ho Chi Minh City

Hong Leong BANK VIETNAM Limited

Hong Leong BANK VIETNAM Limited Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

1 week ago

*Job Purpose Summary

State the general nature, level and purpose of the job and provide a brief description of the duties and responsibilities. This paragraph will be used for future job posting. It may be easier to write the general summary after completing other sections of the job description.

The job-holder to possess

• Solid background in Banking, Economics and/or Finance

• Sound understanding of credit policy/ related laws and regulations

• Knowledge of risk management in banking and/or business development

• A full understanding of all types of lending business
• Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

List down the essential duties and responsibilities of the job in the 3 areas below, where applicable.

Functional (job responsibilities)

• Loan Documentation

Responsible for the preparation/control of all loan documentation, including:

1) To follow up the deferred documents and covenants to ensure that the loan has been processed is in compliant with the approval and... our credit policy

2) To ensure that the loan approved does not contravene any law or regulation and all pre-disbursement conditions have been complied before disbursement

3) To arrange notarization/registration of the mortgage contract

4) To manage secured assets in the Bank’s system such as keeping security documents in vaults

5) To propose to the Legal Department to add/amend any articles/terms in the loan documents which are required by laws and/or customers, if any.

• Loan Release

1) Responsible for setting up and controlling the available approved limits in the loan system.

2) Ensure proper approvals are secured before releases of loan and that the release matches the intended purpose of the loan as stated in the credit application

• Establish and ensure that standard turnaround time of completion of documentation is met.

• Ensure post-disbursement conditions are complied

• Monitor accounts that are due for interest rate revision.

• Follow up to renew insurance policies of collaterals.

• Prepare CIC, SBV and other reports including those for the purpose of portfolio management, if required

• Any other duties that may be assigned by the management in connection with the CRA function
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

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