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Nawah Job Opportunities - Maintenance Technician Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Nawah Energy Company

Nawah Energy Company Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

2 months ago

Job Description:

Technicians are required to read/review the maintenance task and associated documentation, conduct the maintenance activity in accordance with the procedure, troubleshoot and perform corrective actions as required, and update the equipment/maintenance record on the computerized maintenance management system.

Awareness of and adherence to the Nuclear Safety Standards, Quality Assurance Standards, Health and Safety Standards and Environmental Protection Standards is essential.

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Job Responsibilities:
• Conduct a range of maintenance activities to the highest standard and in full adherence to the maintenance and safety procedures and processes.
• Utilise the Corrective Action Program (CAP) to record plant deficiencies and improve performance.
• Lead/Attend and participate in Pre-Job Briefs to ensure that all requirements of... the maintenance task are understood –
• including but not limited to high risk or high complexity activities, safety aspects (both nuclear and conventional), and parallel work activities.
• Conduct system/equipment troubleshooting to identify system faults or defects and take the necessary corrective action(s) to ensure that issues are resolved in a timely manner.
• Sign-on to Work Clearances to authorize the work to commence on structure, system or component and to ensure that the work can be conducted safely.
• Lead/Attend Post-Job Reviews to ensure that any learning from the work activity is discussed and recorded so that the learning can be incorporated into the process or procedures.
• Ensure commitment to a culture of continuous improvement by eliminating waste, following operations procedures, practicing innovation, problem solving, and teamwork; complying with Quality Management System policies and procedures; providing and receiving constructive feedback; and striving to meet quality standards and stakeholder expectations.
• Ensure Commitment to the Nawah Fundamentals and LEAD AT SITE values.
• Record the completion of maintenance activates and any relevant maintenance findings on the computerized maintenance management system.

Job Requirements:
• In possession of a “Technician” certificate (or equivalent) PLUS a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical or Electronic Engineering.

Use I&C Hand Tools (incl. Soldering stations)
• In possession of a “Technician” certificate or equivalent certification
• Maintain Connectors & Connections
• Maintain Instrument Tubing & Fittings
• Use Measuring and Test Equipment

Qualification & Experience:
• Over 5 years of maintenance experience including 3 years or more of nuclear plant maintenance experience.

Job Details:

Company: Nawah Energy Company

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Application Deadline: N/A

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Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

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