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High School Librarian Pool for 2023-24 SY Austin

Austin Independent School District

Austin Independent School District Austin TX United States

2 months ago


A valid Texas certificate issued by the Texas Education Agency (e.g., School Librarian EC-12, Librarian, Learning Resources Specialist Certification, Learning Resources Endorsement.) is required. Incumbent must have two (2) successful years of classroom teaching experience. Incumbent must be able to read, write, and converse fluently in English. A Bachelor’s degree from... an accredited college or university is required.


This position requires knowledge of and ability to apply current instructional and learning theories and methodologies. Broad knowledge of current media production techniques and changes in technology is required. This position requires a basic knowledge of a broad range of topics (e.g., the arts, sciences, literature, and history.) This position requires knowledge of State, Local, and Federal laws and regulations affecting performance of duties (e.g., school handbooks, American Library Association standards, copyright laws).


In a school media center or library, incumbent is primarily responsible for formally instructing students and staff about library skills and assuring the development and management of media resources. Incumbent makes a substantial contribution to the education of students on the organization and use of a library or media center. Errors may result in an inability to access needed learning and instructional materials and equipment easily. Incumbent is responsible for overseeing the operations of the entire media center and in larger schools may supervise other media personnel. Errors may result in acquisition of inappropriate resources, outdated learning materials, lost or wasted resources, and an inability to locate materials or equipment within the media center. A significant number of tasks in this area involve applying commonly accepted and used procedures to organize and control materials and equipment. Incumbent must be able to think quickly and creatively to meet the varied needs of students and staff.


Maintain knowledge of curriculum and standards and their correlation to literacy, resources, and the research process. Seek resources within the community and beyond for curriculum support. Plan and deliver student-centered, differentiated library lessons using multiple media formats and technology tools.

Ensure students and staff understand ethical use of information and multimedia including citing sources, avoiding plagiarism, seeking multiple perspectives, and assessing online resources for validity, accuracy, timeliness. Librarian fosters digital citizenship awareness in the school.

Reflect on library practices and services that results in setting professional goals and changing practices. Accept performance feedback. Participate regularly in campus and other professional development activities.

Contributes to the school and to the district by participating in school events, serving on school/district committees, or participating in team/department meetings.

Plan, manage, supervise, and evaluate the campus library media center and program, developing goals and policies to ensure best practices in optimal service and efficient operation.

Maintain knowledge of literature and resource materials to help students and staff select books or other materials to match their needs and interests. Encourages reading for pleasure and lifelong learning. Create and maintain an atmosphere that encourages student and staff use of library and information resources.

Support reading promotion activities (e.g., events, displays, contests, print and digital publications, etc.) that encourages self-selected, voluntary reading and enhances the instructional program. Provides opportunities for students to engage with literature to develop critical, creative, and independent thinking.

Offer a mix of fixed and flexible schedules based on student and curricular needs with open access during school hours, including before and after the school day within the duty day. Collaborate with classroom teachers.

Assist and motivate students and staff in the development of attitudes, habits, and skills leading to lifelong learning and independent and effective use of ideas and information.

Collaborate with classroom teachers in designing, implementing, and evaluating library instruction that ensures integration of literature, reference and research skills, information literacy skills, and technologies into student learning.

Perform administrative functions necessary for the management of the library media center, such as overseeing volunteers, student aides and other library staff as applicable, attending faculty and other campus related meetings and events.

Develop expenditure plan that adequately maintains the library program and supports the mission of the school. Follows department and/or District guidelines for budget management and record maintenance that meets spending deadlines. Develop a quality collection of physical and online resources and equipment based on an analysis of campus needs and available funding. Follow District policies and procedures including completing inventory and required reports by deadlines. Assess, acquire resources, and weed collection to update holdings. Ensure the collection is current, responsive to, and anticipates the curricular and recreational needs of the students and the school community. Use additional resources to provide access to materials that reflect a diversity of cultures with materials in multiple languages. Seek input from both students and staff.

Establish and monitor clear expectations for student behavior. Demonstrate respect for students in handling any behavior issues. Work with teachers to create consistent, positive procedures.

Offer multiple program opportunities to students and staff that supports school goals. Work with others as a team member. Communicate effectively with others, using a variety of media.

Provide an exceptional customer experience for all AISD stakeholders with intentional and professional practices that promote a culture of respect and focus on achieving equitable outcomes.


Perform other related duties as assigned; however, all employees are expected to comply with lawful directives in rare situations driven by need where a team effort is required.


Services are performed in a standard office or school setting. This position involves bending and stretching to shelve books and may involve heavy lifting of technical equipment. This position may involve rare exposure to blood or body fluids. Regular attendance is required for this position. Judgment is required to interpret broad professional, State, Local, and Federal laws, regulations, and policies affecting the lives and education of children and the impact of the policies on instructional methodologies or techniques employed. Collection, development, and management activities involve judgment when selecting particular materials and equipment (e.g., budget limitations, difficulty level of material or use, and subject).


Incumbent receives administrative supervision, and performance is evaluated over the course of the school year. Supervisor may supply detailed instruction regarding matters such as changes in law or policy and completing State and Local forms. The work involves using professional skills and knowledge to access a broad range of specific or general information. Work relationships are with students, teachers, and other school staff to share information, plan resource needs, and instruct in the area of library skills. Involves significant contact with students to provide formal instruction on library skills. Involves contact with co-workers in the library or media center to assign tasks and give instruction. May involve contact with librarians or media personnel in other schools, public library staff, college library staff, sales representatives, and parents to share information and locate materials and equipment
Austin TX USA

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