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IRC - The International Rescue Committee

IRC - The International Rescue Committee Buea Cameroon

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**Job Description**

IRC is the partner of UNHCR for the implementation of Protection activities in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon, to respond to the humanitarian protection needs caused by the protracted crisis situations in the two Regions.

This project seeks to ensure that the situation of the persons of concern is continuously monitored in these regions, key protection risks identified and analyzed, persons with specific needs identified and referred for further assessment and assistance, and that communities are monitored and community level concerns are identified and referred for further assessment. Protection incidents will be continuously documented analyzed and reported to IRC and the Protection Cluster regularly to inform response and advocacy.

IRC is recruiting 8 Community Mobilizers (PRoL) who will be members of the Protection and Rule of Law team, operating in the North West and South West Regions. The role of the Community Mobilizer will be to... ensure the implementation of emergency protection prevention and response activities in order to facilitate access to services. The Community Mobilizer will work under the supervision of a protection Assistant and collaborate closely with the Protection Officer, the PRoL M & E Officer and the PRoL Manager and with other IRC sectors such as WPE, CPE, ERD and EH.
• *Scope**

The PROL Community Mobilizer will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of prevention and awareness-raising activities in terms of protection and rule of law within the communities of implementation.

The Community Mobilizer will be based in Bamenda and with frequent trips to surrounding localities

The responsibilities of the Community Mobilizer Protection and Rule of Law Program fall within the following objectives:

\- Sensitize the populations on their rights and access to services;
\- Deliver information sessions on protection, rights and entitlements, legal status, and other issues as required;
\- Provide counselling as necessary for individual cases;
\- Identify protection needs in the field and provide on-site counselling to persons of concern, IDPs, returnees and host communities, in coordinating with the Protection Assistants.
\- Receive and attend to referrals from community members CBOs, NNGOs, and INGOs.
\- Mapping of and updating of existing legal services;
\- Prevent certain protection risks through the community approach;
\- Communicate about services available within IRC and in the communities;
\- Promote a community approach to protection.
\- Identify protection issues at community level in connection with the assistant;
\- Identify themes requiring the organization of awareness raising;
\- Participate in the development of suitable supports;
\- Support in the research of appropriate sensitization methodology;
\- Support in the conduct of Focus Groups and evaluations.
\- Ensure data is segregated by age, gender and diversity (such as disability)

Ensure regularly and timely submission of reports (daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly).
• *A.** **Supervision of volunteers and protection committees**

\- Assists the supervisor in identifying, training and supporting volunteers, (Community Focal Points);
\- Supervises volunteers and monitors their activities
\- Maintain open and professional relationships with team members, promoting a strong team spirit and providing supervision and guidance to enable work teams to successfully complete their tasks and within budget ;
\- Provide technical support and training to volunteers;
\- Distribute Information, Communication and Education (IEC) tools to volunteers;
\- Liaise with community leaders and other sectors and agencies working locally.
\- Monitor the activities of the protection committees
• *B. Monitoring of activities**

\- Provide regular reports, document results and keep detailed records
\- Provide weekly reports on the progress of outreach activities.
• *C.** **General**

\- Commits to respecting the IRC Way (IRC Ethics).
\- Undertakes to ensure the optimal implementation of these Policies in its working environment.
\- Is available to perform any other ad hoc task deemed useful by his / her direct superior or by the IRC.
• *D.** **Other functions**

\- Monitor and assess the safety and security of the team on a regular and proactive basis; promptly report concerns or incidents to the supervisor or Officer;
\- Meet with community representatives and other external parties as needed to maintain and improve the security environment for IRC programs;
\- Any other duties assigned by the supervisor to enable the development of IRC programs;
• *Qualifications
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