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MS SQL Server Database Administrator Antwerp

Global Recruitment Selection

Global Recruitment Selection Antwerp Belgium

2 months ago


The Data Excellence team is responsible for the lifecycle of Data, Business Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) related information systems.

We are responsible for the development of new applications, the continuous improvement of existing applications, as well as the day-to-day IS/IT support.

We work in close collaboration with other business and IT data teams within the Atlas Copco team.

We are part of CT-IS (Compressor Technique - Information Services), which delivers services to the Compressor Technique business area of Atlas Copco. The department operates from the Compressor Technique (CT) headquarters, which is located in Antwerp, Belgium. CT-IS was founded in and employs about + people.

Project responsibilities

- Design the future common data layer from a technical perspective (data, tools, technology, integration, servers, performance, fail-over, high-availability, backups, disks, ...) in order to enable CT business area to become a data driven organization... (supporting enterprise and self-service reporting, data analytics/science, streaming data, data integration, ... both on-premise and in the cloud).

- Review and design individual database architectures for new CT applications.

- Coördinate the replication of on-premise or cloud data to the common data layer, using appropriate technologies, with project teams and other Atlas Copco group IT stakeholders

- Review and audit database architectures proposed by third parties (suppliers, consultants, ...)

- Advise project teams on database technologies, systems and best practices

Maintenance and monitoring responsibilities

- Health check monitoring and recommendations : data integrity, servers, disks, logs, scheduled jobs, deadlocks, backups, statistics, security, compression, encryption, ...

- Performance monitoring and recommendations: indices, partitioning, query plan analysis, stored procedures, ...

- data(base) migrations between various systems, or to more recent versions

- provide and maintain technical documentation

- Provide 2nd and 3rd level support on databases


- You will report on your activities, status, budget and timing to all stakeholders

- Occasional interventions outside office hours may be required, in case of incidents

- You will report to the Data Excellence teamleader, within the Atlas Copco Compressor Technique Information Services department (CT-IS).

• Diversified tasks with a broad range of development opportunities at a constantly growing and innovative global player
• Support and possibilities to grow in your career
• A familiarization phase of several months with support of an experienced mentor
• A good work-life balance
• A competitive salary with benefits package
• The possibility to participate in our car or bicycle lease plan and to join several sport clubs

Jouw profiel

Bijkomende vereisten / Additional requirements

- Expert knowledge on relational database systems, Microsoft SQL Server both hosted on-premise as in the Cloud

- Experience in data transformation technologies: CDC, SSIS, Data Factory, BODS, ...

- Experience with Azure cloud database technologies

- Experience with Big data architectures is considered a plus

- Experience with NoSQL architectures is considered a plus

- Experience with technical impact of GDRP is considered a plus


You are fluent in English: both written and spoken.

Kennis / Knowledge

- 3 to 5 years experience

Opleiding / Education

- Bachelor/Master in related domains or equivalent by experience

Persoonlijkheid / Personality

You have a passion for innovation and new technologies.

You like open communication, and a one-to-one contact with your business partners. You are a good communicator and are able to maintain excellent relationships with your stakeholders and colleagues.

You are open for innovation, and like to the think along with the business, however not afraid to challenge if necessary.

You have a “can-do” approach, and are decisive. You are not afraid of making errors and are willing to learn by doing.

You are flexible and prepared to work outside of business hours if required to meet a deadline.

You are customer focused, enthusiastic and professional.

You are proactive.

You have very strong analytical skills

You are result oriented and quality focused in terms of processes.

You are stress resistent.

De realisatie van projecten superviseren en coördineren, Domein: Marketing, Domein: Productie, Domein: Aankoop, Overgaan tot het uitvoeren van functionele en technische verbeteringen
De applicatie uitrollen (parametrering, opvolging, ...), Domein: Geïntegreerde beheersprogramma's - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Domein: Netwerkarchitectuur, De activiteiten van een team coördineren, Domein: Industriële en technische programma's, Behoeften van de opdrachtgever identificeren
Vakprocessen analyseren
Opportuniteit en uitvoerbaarheid evalueren, Functionele tests van de ontwikkelde toepassingen uitvoeren en opvolgen, Domein: Human Resources, Strategische keuzes voor de evolutie van de informatiesystemen van de onderneming bepalen en aanbevelen, Domein: Computer accessibility, De technische, economische, … informatie en de reglementering opvolgen en actualiseren, Gebruikers begeleiden of opleiden over de nieuwe vakprocessen en toepassingen, Samen met informatici een softwarepakket kiezen en een werkwijze aanbevelen voor de toepassing in de onderneming (ontwerp, ontwikkeling, uitrol), Antwoorden op aanbestedingen
Commerciële voorstellen uitwerken
De prestatievoorwaarden met de klant in een contract vastleggen, Domein: Logistiek, Domein: Handel, verkoop, klantenrelaties, De architectuur van de informatiesystemen van de onderneming analyseren, Gegevensdragers opstellen voor informatiedoorstroming of opleiding en deze doorgeven aan de betrokken personen, Controleren of de gebruikers de informatiesystemen gelijkvormig gebruiken (regels, procedures, ...), Domein: Ondernemingsportaal en internettechnologie, Domein: Outplacement, Lastenboeken en functionele en algemene specificaties uitwerken, bijwerken en aan de opdrachtgever overmaken, Domein: Financiën, boekhouding, Functionele oplossingen formaliseren en bepalen
Evoluties en functionele uitbreidingen van het informatiesysteem voorstellen aan de opdrachtgever

Master (MA
Antwerp Belgium

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