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Cloudic Industries Sdn Bhd

Cloudic Industries Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

2 months ago

We are on the lookout for an organized Data Center Operation & Maintenance Engineer 数据中心运维工程师 to join our high calibre team at CloudIC Industries Sdn Bhd in Perai, Pulau Pinang.
Growing your career as a Full Time Data Center Operation & Maintenance Engineer 数据中心运维工程师 is an awesome opportunity to develop useful skills.
If you are strong in teamwork, adaptability and have the right initiative for the job, then apply for the position of Data Center Operation & Maintenance Engineer 数据中心运维工程师 at CloudIC Industries Sdn Bhd today!

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CloudIC Industries Sdn Bhd Perai Posted on 1-Mar-23 Apply Now Apply Now Data Center Operation & Maintenance Engineer 数据中心运维工程师
CloudIC Industries Sdn Bhd Apply Now Job Description

Bitmain... 寻求优秀的数据中心运维专员加入我们日益壮大的团队,作为产品测试运维服务,你将会承担高度多样化的职责,包括服务器上下架,故障排查,设备监控等确保达成数据中心的商业目标。

• 负责数据中心服务器上、下架,故障排查和处理,保证运维指标的达成;
• 负责服务器的运行状态和数据监控,并输出每天的运维报告;
• 负责数据中心运行环境日常巡检,检测记录温湿度等,保证服务器的平稳运行;
• 负责服务器安全,协助进行现场资产的统计与登记,定期进行盘点,输出资产报告;
• 分析测试产品运行中的需求和问题,推动并提升数据中心的运维效率。

• 高中及以上学历;
• 有扎实的计算机 / 网络知识和技能;
• 有基础数据分析能力,能熟练运用办公软件;
• 学习能力强,较好的沟通和团队协作能力,具备良好的服务意识;
• 吃苦耐劳,能适应早晚班工作制及加班安排。
• 愿意长期全球海外出差(欧洲、北美、东南亚)

• 具有大学学历,电子、信息技术,计算机或网络专业优先;
• 有数据中心运维工作经验优先;
• 具有网络技术工作经验优先;
• 具有电子产品维修经验优先;
• 懂中文者优先考虑;
• 可以尽快入职为佳。

Bitmain is looking for excellent Data Center Operation and Maintenance Specialists to join our growing team. As a product test operation and maintenance, you will undertake highly diversified responsibilities, including server removal, troubleshooting, equipment monitoring, etc. to ensure that the business goals of the data center are achieved.

Job Responsibilities:
• Responsible for uploading, delisting, troubleshooting and processing of data center servers to ensure the operation and maintenance indicators achievement.
• Responsible for server running status, data monitoring, and daily output operation and maintenance reports.
• Responsible for daily inspection of the operating environment of the data center, testing and recording temperature and humidity, etc., to ensure the server operation smoothness.
• Responsible for server security, assist in the statistics and registration of on-site assets, conduct regular inventory, and output asset reports;
• Analyze the requirements and problems in the operation of test products, promote & improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of the data center.

Job Requirements:
• Secondary school or above equivalent.
• Possess with solid knowledge/ skills on computer/network.
• Have basic data analysis ability and proficiency in using office software.
• Strong learning ability, good communication and teamwork ability, good service consciousness.
• Adapt to shift work system (Morning & Night) and work overtime, hardwork and ability to work under hardship.

Prior Requirement:
• Possess with Bachelor Degree in Information Technology, Computing or networking are preferable.
• Experience in Data Center Operation & Maintenance is the a much.
• Equipped with Electronics product maintenance is preferred.
• Good command in Mandarin (Read/write/Listen/Speak) are most priority .
• Able to start work immediately.
Additional Information
Career Level Junior Executive Qualification Not Specified Years of Experience 2 years Job Type Full-Time Job Specializations Computer/Information Technology , IT-Network/Sys/DB Admin Company Overview
CloudIC Industries Sdn. Bhd. (CloudIC) is started in Malaysia on May 3, 2018. The core business is:-
• Manage and provide support to various EMS in Malaysia to manufacture computer hardware and assemble special computers for AI and Blockchain research.
• Enlarge the production orders in Malaysia.
To know more about us, may visit our counterpart "Bitmain" official website for more information.

Additional Company Information
Registration No. 1279080-K Company Size 1 - 50 Employees Average Processing Time 7 days Industry Manufacturing / Production Benefits & Others Dental, Medical, Parking, Vision, Regular hours, Mondays - Fridays, Casual (e.g. T-shirts) Company photos
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Benefits of working as a Data Center Operation & Maintenance Engineer 数据中心运维工程师 in Perai, Pulau Pinang:

● Company offers great benefits
● Company offers career progression opportunities
● Competitive salary
Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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