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Senior Software Engineer - UI(React) Hyderabad


Gainsight Hyderabad Telangana India

2 months ago

Company Overview

At Gainsight - inSided, we’re building a next-generation customer success community engagement platform. We are a well-funded and fast-growing company that helps cool companies like Mixpanel, Zapier, Gainsight and Coursera. We help (SaaS) companies to engage with their customers on scale, by connecting their community, providing self-service and collecting product feedback. With millions of users, high growth and a lot of innovation it is a great time to join inSided.

What we do

inSided provides a SaaS-based Community engagement Platform that features discussion forums, feedback, news and knowledge base functionality. You can check it out yourself over here:

What we believe in

We have four core values to live by. They make inSided the best place to work.
• Learn as we grow
• Never settle
• Speak up
• Make it happen

Job... Overview

What's the role about?

We’re looking for passionate and business oriented engineers; code lovers who are wise enough to know when coding is not the solution.

We give our teams freedom over the software they build and to choose the right solution for the job. In return, we expect you to agree with the mindset “you built it, you run it” and we expect that you don’t reinvent the wheel.

We are in the process of migrating our monolithic application towards a microservices architecture. Hence, you should expect to deal with legacy code as well as building new microservices.


Do you love designing and building world-class software? Do you enjoy tackling challenges head-on and digging into technology stacks to solve problems? Are you passionate about writing high-performing code that scales well?

Then look no further!

• Have at least 3 years of professional experience as a frontend engineer
• Solid CSS and HTML skills and are proficient in JavaScript
• Proficient with front-end automated testing frameworks
• Experience in React (hooks, class-based) at least 2 years
• Willingness to work with Preact
• Master English language in both spoken and written format
• A Continuous Improvement mindset.
• Bonus points if you know NodeJS

• Contribute to the growth and development of our product by writing and maintaining code, focusing on quality and maintainability. We believe that our teams own the code they build.
• Share your knowledge, both inside and outside your own team. We believe that everyone has something to teach others, regardless of seniority.
• Design, implement, test, and monitor valuable solutions that achieve the team’s goals while keeping a smooth delivery flow and balancing tradeoffs between scope, time, and effort. We believe that is possible to achieve a balance between getting things done and doing things properly.
• Continuously improve your and your team’s way of working, expanding the boundaries of your team’s autonomy and self-organization. We believe that these two principles lead to stronger, happier, and more performing teams.

Values & Benefits

- Our Attitude: We’ve created a new industry from scratch, and we’re on the fast track!
- Our Leadership: We offer the leading tech solution for driving Customer Success.
- Our ROI: Reduce customer churn, increase up-sell, and improve customer satisfaction.
- Our Technology: Deep hooks, predictive analytics, and a beautiful user interface.
- Our Clients: Big companies like Box, Adobe, Marketo, and many others.
- Our Team: Our team is composed of innovative Customer Success thought leaders and experts in their field from various industries
- Our Values: They are unique - Golden Rule, Success for All, Childlike Joy, Shoshin, and Stay Thirsty, My Friends
- Our Office: If you showed up one day, you might find anything from karaoke performances to mini-golf championships.
- Our Impact: In addition to helping companies grow, we’ve committed to $100 million in wage expansion for underrepresented groups over the next few years.
At Gainsight, our mission is to be living proof you can win in business while being human first. Your job should never be a barrier to your happiness—it should be an avenue to achieve it. At Gainsight, we’re passionate about achieving our goals—at the office and everywhere—and we work every day to create an environment that nurtures our best selves.
Here are our 5 core values
- Golden Rule: We believe in trusting each other, and our community by exercising reliability.
- Success for All: We believe that success for our stakeholders comes with making a difference in each other’s lives.
- Child-like Joy: We aspire to experience passion, optimism, and laughter in everything we do.
- Shoshin: We believe in a beginner’s mind, and that learning comes from everywhere.
- Stay Thirsty, My Friends: We believe in an internally-driven strive for greatness.
Individuals seeking employment at Gainsight are considered without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.
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Hyderabad Telangana India

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