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Clinical Dietitian and Nutritionist Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

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Search PlusHR Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

2 months ago

We are looking for a knowledgeable dietitian who is passionate about helping patients achieve their goals and lead healthier lives. Dietitians will develop trusting partnerships with their patients. They will learn about patient health concerns, goals, and dietary restrictions and preferences and work with them to create a healthier nutrition plan. They may also participate in demonstrations or seminars to inform the public about nutrition and promote healthier eating habits.

Successful dietitians are experts on all matters concerning diet and nutrition. They should be analytical, caring, and knowledgeable with good communication, active listening, problem-solving, and computer skills. They should also be passionate public speakers who can get others excited about eating healthy foods.

Dietitian Responsibilities:
• Speaking to patients to learn about their health goals and dietary needs, preferences, and restrictions.
• Developing nutrition plans for clients.
• Compiling information... and tracking client progress towards their health goals.
• Entering patient information patient database.
• Keeping informed about the latest discoveries in nutrition.
• Speaking to groups to promote healthy eating habits and proper nutrition.

Dietitian Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree in nutrition, health, or a related field.
• More education or experience may be preferred.
• State licenses or additional certifications may be required.
• Exceptional communication, problem-solving, public speaking, and listening skills.
• Willingness to continue training and research to keep current on the latest discoveries and developments in the field.
• Strong computer and data entry skills.
• Compassion and genuine interest in helping others develop better eating habits.

We are searching for an experienced and energetic nutritionist to join our team. In this position, you will provide our clients with professional advice on how to implement and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a specialist in food and nutrition, our clients will depend on you to guide them towards better eating and exercise habits.

Your duties will include evaluating clients’ needs, planning meal plans, developing goals, and providing advice on how to stay healthy. To succeed in this role, you will need to stay updated on the latest nutritional diets, research methods, and industry trends. In addition to being an excellent communicator, the ideal candidate will also demonstrate outstanding presentation and interpersonal skills.

• Meet with clients and identify their dietary needs by assessing their health, exercise routine, and food habits.
• Develop and help implement personalized nutrition plans for clients.
• Offer advice on how to stay healthy and provide support to help clients with their progress.
• Oversee the consultation calendar to ensure efficiency.
• Simplify important information to clients and explain the benefits of staying on a healthy diet.
• Help establish short and long-term goals.
• Ensure that you stay updated on the latest nutritional diets and trends.
• Teach the public and other health specialists about nutrition through articles and group seminars.

• Bachelor’s degree in nutritional science, dietetics, or relevant field.
• A minimum of 2 years’ experience as a professional nutritionist.
• In-depth knowledge of biochemistry, research methods, and human physiology.
• Excellent communication and presentation skills.
• A critical thinker with outstanding interpersonal skills
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

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