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Israaid Chișinău Moldova

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About FFWWe are a global team of inspired people collaborating across 13 countries, together with the aligned purpose to create powerful digital experiences for some of the world’s most notable brands. We are passionate about empowering our clients to harness the full opportunity of digital to create best-in-class experiences for our clients and those they serve. We judge our success by the impact our collective hard work has on our clients’ businesses.

Objective: To clearly outline how a Technical Lead (TL) successfully operates within FFW.

Role: Put simply a Technical Leads’ job is to be the project’s technical leader and hands on developer for delivery efforts and for our team members. The role of a Tech Lead including collaborative working with a degree of humility and providing mentoring as required. This can be broken down into a few core responsibilities:
• Project Leadership and Development
• Team Mentoring

Further Details: Here is some... additional information on each core responsibility.

Project Leadership and Development. TLs are the hands-on technical leaders on client engagements. A TL interacts with clients, project managers, developers, designers, and other stakeholders in order to scope, plan, and provide technical choices that are required to successfully deliver for our clients. They lead efforts to define the technical design and implementation efforts. This usually requires hands-on work in terms of following best practices, developing modules, contributing code or evaluating technologies.

Team Mentoring. Tech Leads are the technical experts on projects and act as mentors and teachers for our junior staff members. Through formal and informal mentoring TL’s act as resources for our junior staff to ask questions, learn new techniques, test theories, and ideate with. A good TL is a mentor, a teacher, a resource, and a person to bounce ideas off not only for their project teams but also for any member of the FFW team, clients, and members of the technical community.


Responsibilities of a Technical Lead
• Provide technical solutions and actively participate in making architectural decisions within a project;
• Continuously follow and evaluate the code and overall project’s architectural state to maintain the proposed course;
• Propose initiatives and actively support existing ones;
• Support and instruct other team members both within and outside a project on the best technical practices;
• Eagerly offer support for anyone in need of technical guidance both within and outside a project;
• Be an active member in the global community of FFW and lead everyone else around by example;
• Offer moral support in times of any morale loss, work-related stress;
• Assist the PMs and / or other team leading people in conflict management to solve any technical-based conflicts within a team;
• Reviews code contributed by developers and senior developers on the team, suggests revisions for best practices or to comply with planned architecture, and acts as the main point of code control and merging into the codebase. Conducts major deployments on behalf of the dev team as well, in coordination with the client and project manager

Empowerments of a Technical Lead
• Access to all relevant information and documentation about the project, especially the long-term plans;
• Access to any project-based management-only meetings where the long-term strategy and architecture is being decided;
• Ability to escalate an internal project matter;
• Access and editorial privileges for any internal documentation, guidelines or other material that concerns FFW’s technical practices or technical evaluation;
• Participation slot in any meetings or workshops where important technical decisions are being made. For example: to be present in any meeting or poll where technical training for developers are being selected.


Required Experience & Qualifications
• Experience with the backend aspect of Drupal site-building experience, including experience with Drupal 8 tools such as Drush, Composer, Configuration Management, etc
• Experience with Drupal 8 or 9 site-building experience, including experience writing custom modules.
• Knowledge of HTML/CSS and Javascript frameworks.
• Successful track record of developing quality software products and shipping production-ready software with a solid understanding of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.
• Experience participating, leading, and architecting technical estimates and supporting documents for sales efforts and client pitches.
• Experience being the “go-to” problem solver that is sought out for their willingness and ability to solve tough problems.
• Knowledge of object-oriented design and Drupal development skills and Web Services protocols such as REST, SOAP, and API design for extensibility and portability.
• Familiar with Scrum/Agile development methodologies or concepts.

Nice to have
• Performed in the role of mentoring.
• Be familiar with Acquia and Pantheon infrastructures.
• Worked with large teams on large projects, including multisite setup.
• Served as a lead on past development projects.
• An active member of the Drupal community.
• Experience with Angular / React / Vue.js.
• Experience with Symfony, Laravel.
• Experience with WordPress.
• Experience with GCP/AWS/Azure
Chișinău Moldova

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