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The objective of Academics is to drive student achievement. To do so, we must know -- what is happening minute-by-minute for the typical child. The student’s daily experience, and thus the path to achievement, emerges from their relationship with the teachers and the content that is delivered in the classroom. Our team is collaboratively organized around these levers. We develop rigorous content pitched at the right level for students to be delivered by a teacher who is prepared to succeed in the classroom. Our Instructional Design department builds the content; our Leadership & Development department trains teachers and school leaders using scientifically-proven techniques; our Learning Innovation department looks at cutting-edge research to generate breakthrough learning gains. Underpinning all of this is the work of the independent Measurement and Evaluation group, which provides Academics with an empirical orientation toward improving that daily experience and, in turn... driving achievement.

About the Role

The Regional Director, Academics is responsible for educational outcomes across schools in multiple territories, via her or his co-management and functional support of Director, Academics. The Regional Director, Academics is the glue between each Director, Academics' territory and what is known as “Shared Services.” Academics Shared Services is the team that is responsible for all the content creation and distribution that runs in each territory.

The Regional Director, Academics works with Managing Directors in each territory to ensure that all Director, Academics have a clear and focused work plan. This includes ensuring that each territory has an up-to-date Academic Plan for each academic year, setting quarterly goals for the Academic Director to execute the Academic Plan, and holding Director, Academics accountable in achieving their goals.

The Regional Director, Academics also ensures that Director, Academics effectively advocate for the academic programme of work in their territory. This includes ensuring that academic outcomes are a central part of all conversations around school support and operations. In the case of government partnerships, this also includes working directly with government stakeholders in Ministries of Education or State Boards of Education. The Regional Director, Academics supports Director, Academics to collect relevant input, engage in continuous dialogue, and generate buy-in for core elements of the academic programme.

Finally, the Regional Director, Academics ensures that there is strong coordination and clear communication between each territory and Shared Services regarding academic programming. She or he facilitates processes and conversation necessary for smooth execution of each territory’s academic program to happen within a large matrix organization. This facilitation should ensure that:
• all levers of achievement are robust and contextualized for the territory
• all schools have the right operational conditions for learning to take place
• data is foundational to advocacy and engagement while supporting governments to gain insights and clarity

What you will do
• Ensure that Director, Academics have a clear and focused work plan oriented around the Academic Plan. These Academic Plans must be created, reviewed, and approved before the launch of each academic year - the Regional Director, Academics must make certain that Director, Academics are delivering on this every year
• Manage Director, Academics to ensure that the academic programmes within the Academic Plan are high-value and will lead to outsized learning gains, but also that these programmes fit within the broader organisational context in the territory
• Support Director, Academics to become owners of the academic programmes in their territories. This includes providing training on core principles and systems, and also coaching on effective troubleshooting and ongoing management systems
• Empower Director, Academics to become persuasive advocates for their academic programmes, including in internal conversations and also with external government partners
• Facilitate strong coordination and communication between each territory’s Director, Academics and Shared Services
• Ensure that Academic Plans are managed using standardised systems across territories, even though those Academic Plans themselves are contextualised and unique to each territory
• Ensure that Director, Academics thoroughly review and provide input on all new content in their territory; this review and input process should be informed by the Director, Academics expertise, which the Regional Director, Academics will cultivate
• Help Director, Academics to manage urgent or high stakes requests that require additional resources or expertise
• Establish and guide additional streams of work with an Director, Academics' portfolio, including high-priority initiatives like strengthening pupils’ post-primary readiness and facilitating more effective transitions to secondary school

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