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Kopila Valley Sewa Samaj (KVSS)

“A world where every child is educated, safe, and loved”.

Kopila Valley Sewa Samaj is a non-profitable NGO registered in Surkhet, Nepal to provide support for children and families in our community. Our programs include a residential children’s home, women’s empowerment center, sustainability, school, health and wellness, and family development. We provide our students a free education, educational materials, health treatment and medicine, counseling, and a place to live. With our innovative future program, we strive to provide our children with career guidance, and scholarships for further studies. We do this with our funding partner BlinkNow Foundation and in close ties with the local government and communities.

Position Summary

The Operations Director is a Surkhet based leadership position and will be responsible for planning, budgeting, and implementing operational strategies for smooth operations of Kopila Valley Sewa Samaj (KVSS) including all... its projects. The Operations Director will be working closely with the Managing Director, will be a key member of the Internal Management Committee, and will help the organization run at maximum efficiency and productivity to meet its objectives. The Operations Director will be involved in implementing the organization’s ten-year strategic plan and guiding our education programs on our flagship sustainable campus. In coordination with the funding partne, this position will also be responsible for strengthening the structures which will create the NGO's legacy as a strong, sustainable organization providing world-class educational programs for the future leaders of Nepal.

Main Responsibilities
• Lead overall NGO Operations ensuring effective delivery and improved organizational performance.
• Oversee the operational functions and ensure team adherence to the organizational standards and support to the programs.
• Manage teams and guide them for effectiveness and efficiency in their performance.

Detailed Responsibilities

Lead overall NGO Operations ensuring effective delivery and improved organizational performance.
• Work closely with the Managing Director to plan, and implement efficient operational activities for sustainability.
• Lead building of long-term operational plans in line with the organizational strategy, and set implementation strategies for efficiency and increased productivity.
• Conduct periodic reviews of the operations activities to assess and identify any issues to address or make evidence-based decisions for improvements.
• Analyze the current operational activities, processes, and performance and recommend strategies for efficiency and organizational sustainability.
• Lead the infrastructure projects on behalf of the NGO in coordination with the funding partner.
• Implement the approved annual plan, budget, and strategy.
• Ensure that the approved policies are implemented across the organization.
• Make sure that the expenses are within the stipulated annual budget.
• Ensure legal compliance in every step of the programs and operation of the organization.
• Facilitate external review and monitoring and evaluation of the program and organization as needed.

Oversee the operational functions and ensure team adherence to the organizational standards and support to the programs.
• Make sure that the NGO procurement projects are scheduled and executed as per annual planning in a timely manner following established procurement standards and meeting legal requirements, and facilitate need-based procurements.
• Coordinate NGO budget making process to get input from each program and operational function and submit the reviewed budget for approval from the funding partner and the NGO board.
• Ensure that the organizational investments and expenses are made towards quality program delivery, ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, and stewardship, and the accounts are audited timely.
• Make sure that the finance, procurement, and other relevant policies and procedures are up to date, are approachable to the relevant team members, and ensure team adherence to them.
• Oversee the daily operational activities and processes to ensure timely operational support to the project team for effective program delivery.
• Ensure the external stakeholder relationships are strengthened and the organization receives necessary support and approvals from the relevant authorities.
• Ensure that the mission, vision, and values of the organization are internalized by the team and are implemented across the organization.
• Internalize and lead the change management for continuous improvement in the organization’s performance.
• In collaboration with the HR manager, oversee the organization’s performance measurement system and annual process and take action to improve overall performance.

Manage teams and guide them for effectiveness and efficiency in their performance.
• Oversee the administration, finance, HR teams by directly supervising these function leads.
• Professionalize the team management through regular 1:1 meetings, providing structured feedback, and conducting by-annual/annual performance evaluations for the direct reports.
• Report to the managing director on a structured manner.
• Support professional development of the team members in line with the organization's culture and ensure that the team members are following policy and procedures.
• Ensure that the team members follow the organizational systems and tools to the highest standard and are working across teams effectively to drive the organization forward.

Work closely with HR to lead a team with integrity and establish an inclusive, productive, and trustworthy environment in the organization.

Additional Responsibilities
• Build positive working relationships and environment in the organization by bringing solutions to the discussion table.
• Demonstrate professionalism in all interactions and execution of duties including ensuring confidentiality as per the organization’s protocols.
• Report to the manager on a weekly basis, and as needed in case of urgent activities.
• Build and maintain a strong relationship with the leadership team of KVSS and BlinkNow Foundation to ensure the continued success of our joint projects.
• Attend weekly staff meetings, and share operational updates.

The above list of responsibilities is not comprehensive, and the Operations Director may be required to take on additional responsibilities, as determined by his/her Manager.

Must Haves

Education: Master’s degree in management, social science, or any relevant discipline

Experience: At least 8 years of proven senior operational management experience

Language: A good communicator, and fluent in English and Nepali

Skills and Abilities: Ability to manage, mentor and lead a team; passionate about and cares for children and vulnerable population; initiator, and competent in managing operations and logistics in the organization. Works collaboratively and independently with the least supervision required.

Key Characteristics
• You believe that we can change the world, in the blink of an eye
• You believe in making decisions that put children first
• You are self-motivated, organized, and approachable
• You enjoy creating systems, keeping records, and increasing efficiency
• You are always looking for new ways for our team to work smarter instead of harder
• You are detail-oriented and conscientious. You make sure nothing slips through the cracks
• You have a strong work ethic and a willingness to pick up new skills. You are comfortable multi-tasking
• You are positive, patient, and a clear communicator who is comfortable working with both Kopila Valley staff in Nepal and the BlinkNow staff in the United States
• You are an empathetic person, with a knack for putting out fires before they start and soothing conflicts brewing beneath the surface

You require little supervision and are flexible. You understand that you will be wearing many hats in this role, many of which are not explicitly included in this job description

Application Procedure

If you think this opportunity will amplify your career growth, we encourage you to apply by clicking “Apply For This Job” and submit all required documents.

Note: No telephone inquiries will be entertained. If your application is a good fit, we will follow up with you directly for the screening process

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