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Primary School Teacher - Years 5&6 Georgetown

Ascension Island Government

Ascension Island Government Georgetown St Helena Saint Helena, Ascension, And Tristan Da Cunha

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JOB TITLE: Teacher (primary or secondary)

TEAM: Education

REPORTS TO: Deputy Head/Assistant Head of either Primary or Secondary Sector

• 1. To teach a specialist subject to GCSE level, plus teaching one or more subjects in the secondary school to meet the requirements of the UK National Curriculum. or
• 2. To teach a designated class of primary students

• 1. To carry out the professional duties of a teacher as set out in the accompanying schedule.
• 2. To be a class teacher to a group of children, to be responsible for their pastoral care and deliver a Personal, Health and Social Education programme.
• 3. To write schemes of work in designated subject areas if in the secondary school.
• 4. To advise SMT on curricular matters relating to the designated subject area(s).
• 5. To conduct assemblies as required.
• 6. To play an active role in extracurricular activities in school, e.g. sports, productions, etc.
• 7... To prepare for and engage in parents’ evenings and other related activities.
• 8. To take part in, and contribute to, any relevant in-service training and development programmes.
• 9. To undertake any other related duties as requested by the Assistant / Deputy or Head Teacher.

• Health and safety – to share in the corporate responsibility for the safety of staff and visitors to the school environment.
• Continuous development – responsible for your own Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

PERSON SPECIFICATION: Knowledge, skills, experience and personal attributes


1. Qualified teacher status.

2. Two to three years’ teaching experience in a specialist subject, with an additional subject(s)

3. Good interpersonal skills.

4. Strong and effective written and oral communication skills.

5. Able to work as one of a small team and contribute to the life of the whole school.

6. Engaging and enthusiastic approach to learning, with up-to-date teaching methods.

This Job Description indicates only the main duties and responsibilities of the post. It is not intended as an exhaustive list.

The Ascension Island Government (AIG) reserves the right to amend this Job Description from time to time, according to operational needs. Any changes will be discussed with you and confirmed in writing. Please note that you share with AIG the responsibility for making suggestions to alter the scope of your duties and improve the effectiveness of your post.

Updated: April 2022

Ascension Island Government


All teachers should carry out their professional duties under the reasonable direction of the SMT and Head Teacher.

Have high expectations of all children and young people to ensure that they can achieve their full educational potential.
• Hold positive values and attitudes and adopt high standards of behaviour in their professional role.

Communicate effectively with children, young people, colleagues and parents with relevant information about attainment progress and well-being via on going communication and the school's agreed annual reporting processes.
• Know how to make effective personalised provision for all children, and how to take practical account of diversity and promote equality and inclusion in their teaching.

Work as a team member and identify opportunities for working with colleagues, managing their work where appropriate and sharing the development of effective practice with them.
• Know the local arrangements concerning the safeguarding of children and young people and how to identify potential abuse or neglect.
• Effectively manage resources and any budget delegated to them to secure new resources and provide value for money.

Learning and Teaching
• Have a secure knowledge and understanding of their subjects/curriculum areas and related pedagogy.
• Plan for progression across the age and ability range they teach, designing opportunities for learners to develop their literacy, numeracy, ICT and thinking and learning skills across curriculum areas.

Plan, set and assess homework, other out-of-class assignments and coursework for examinations.
• Review the effectiveness of their teaching and its impact on learners' progress, attainment and well-being, refining their approaches where necessary.
• Make effective use of an appropriate range of observation, assessment, monitoring and recording strategies and support learners so that they can reflect on their learning, identify progress, and set positive targets to become successful independent learners.
• Establish a purposeful and safe learning environment so that learners feel secure and sufficiently confident to make an active contribution to learning and to the school.
• Identify and use opportunities for making links between in-school learning and learning in out-of-school contexts.

Use a range of behaviour management techniques and strategies, to establish and maintain a clear and positive framework for discipline, in line with the school's behaviour policy.
• Promote learners' self-control, independence and cooperation through developing their social, emotional and behavioural skills.

• Know and understand the assessment requirements and arrangements for the subjects/curriculum areas they teach, including those relating to public examinations and qualifications.
• Understand and use statistical information to evaluate the effectiveness of learning and teaching.

Personal Professional Development
• Maintain an up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the professional duties and regularly evaluate their practice.
• Participate in Performance Management and be committed to evaluating and improving their performance through appropriate professional development.
• Develop and maintain a creative and constructively critical approach towards innovation; be prepared to adapt their practice and act upon advice and feedback from coaching and mentoring.
• Develop and maintain a good, up-to-date working knowledge of a range of teaching, learning and behaviour management strategies in order to personalise learning
• Engage with the School’s teaching and learning initiative which includes peer coaching

I confirm receipt of these standards and have read and understood them.

Signed: __________________________________ Date: _________________________

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Georgetown St Helena Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

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