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Graphic designer needed for cookbook cover and book interior design United States


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4 weeks ago

I am a content creator and fitness coach who specializes in creating low calorie recipes and meal preps that I post across my social media platforms. After 100+ recipes posted I would like to turn them into an ebook (digital product) that also has the ability to become a hardcover (physical product) in the future as well. The one thing different about this cookbook than most cookbooks is that I... will want to able to continue to add to it over time. Two of the main selling points for my book is that it will be continually updated with each new recipe I release on YouTube and I will release the recipe first to the cookbook owners. This means I will need the current list of recipes created into a book as well as templates that I could use (as if it were Canva for example) to plug my pictures, ingredients, and directions into and have the ability to add those pages seamlessly into the section they need to be plugged into. I have all recipes written out and all pictures taken of each recipe. These are both currently being edited as we speak. The only additional pictures that may be necessary are the ones that are at the beginning of a chapter, on the cover, or in the pages leading up to the recipes. I take all my own pictures as well so I can make that happen if and when necessary. The biggest request from my followers was to have pictures of the final dish for each and every recipe. My idea was to have one full page used for a vertical picture of the recipe and then on the next page have another horizontal picture of the recipe that only take up about 1/3 of the page and is also covered with text such as the name of the recipe, prep time, etc. I also have mock up of what I am looking for and a sample pdf I put together for my preorder of the cookbook.

The book sections/chapters I am looking to include thus far are:

1. About me

2. FAQ

3. Cooking technique (dry brine, pasta sauce, thickening condiments/sauces, etc)

4. Graphs and Charts with calories and macros for different food items (fruits/veggies/filling foods/seasonings)

5. Disclaimer/ Thank you Page

6. Clickable Table of Contents

7. Recipes

8. Simple tables with calories/index

My target market is beginner cooks who either just got into fitness or have been into it, but have never experimented in the kitchen
United States

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