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ICT Business & System Analyst Glebe NSW

Polyglot Group

Polyglot Group Glebe NSW Australia

1 month ago

The ICT Business & System Analyst is responsible for all Systems and IT related matters at Polyglot Group. The ICT Business & System Analyst assists the CFO with all Polyglot Group’s Systems and plays a key role in the selection, implementation, maintenance and improvement of systems for both external and internal use at Polyglot Group including technical guidance, training and troubleshooting.

• Implementing & improving Polyglot Group’s Systems and Tools
• IT & system support

Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

1. Systems: Implementing & Improving Polyglot Group’s Systems and Tools

The Business & System Analyst assists the CFO with all projects globally (mainly APAC & Europe) both internally and externally. This means he/she will:
• Assist with the search for and selection of new providers, systems, and tools such as CRM, Applicant Tracking System, payroll platforms, HRIS, ticketing systems, form & survey builder... documentation automation tool, money movement tools etc.
• Manage the implementation of new systems, platforms, processes, workflows etc.
• Manage the configuration and optimisation of all systems currently in place (e.g. CRM, Applicant Tracking System, ticketing system, HRIS, Payroll system, Knowledge Centre), with the aim to improve current processes and tools.
• Analyse and evaluate current systems, processes, tools, and workflows in order to increase efficiency.
• Provide recommendations for improvements of the way Polyglot Group uses all systems & tools and manage their implementations.
• Review templates and processes to optimise, streamline and harmonise both external and internal processes.
• Manage the integration between systems/tools used by different departments (e.g. CRM).
• Develop user guidelines, procedures, and documentation for each system.
• Train Polyglotters on new systems, tools, processes, and functions.
• Create training content and provide training to the team when required.
• Improve the communication between departments (e.g. HR, Payroll & Finance).
• Ensure all processes, tools and systems are GDPR compliant.

2. IT & system support

The ICT Business & System Analyst is responsible for all IT related matters at Polyglot Group. He/she will:
• Be the main contact person for all systems for all Polyglotters as well as externally with all support providers.
• Be the escalation contact person to liaise with our external IT provider (currently HDIT).
• Fully understand Polyglot Group’s IT set up on a global basis.
• Look after general set-ups and settings.
• Provide guidance and support to team members and colleagues regarding these systems.
• Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues in a timely manner and liaise with the respective support teams if necessary.
• Responsible to maintain asset records and maintenance.
• Liaise with internal HR for the IT set-up for new staff and offboarding at termination.
• Manage the IT permission access in conjunction with the Data Protection Officer & Security Officer.
• Be responsible for the management, customisation and improvement of existing systems (e.g. software, cloud solutions, VPN etc.).
• Improve the automation of our processes, integration of the different systems used and support the future growth of the business.
• Support Polyglot Group’s Security Officer to detect and manage high impact related issues that might occur and liaise with the Cyber Security Company.

• Master’s degree in ICT or a similar field of expertise
• 3 years minimum of experience
• Knowledge of Salesforce and Apex development
• Knowledge of the Recruitment, Finance, Payroll & HR Industry.
• Thorough knowledge of Systems and Tools, especially in Salesforce and Zendesk.
• Process: High level of analytical thinking with demonstrated talent for identifying, scrutinising, improving, simplifying, and streamlining complex work processes (including IT and Business infrastructure).
• Multi-tasking: being able to work on different projects and tasks at the same time.
• Analytical skills.
• Knowledge of Business Intelligence software or similar (Power BI, Tableau)
• Project Management: Priority Management, change management.
• Organisation/tools support: Design and implementation of tools, data analysis and performance/operation metrics.
• Listen, write, speak: Proficiency in the English language; knowledge of a second language would be a plus.
• Strong people skills, team player, with a collaborative approach and can-do attitude.
• Ability to see the big picture and link projects.

Salary Range : $70,000 to $80,000/year + superannuation

Job #15897
Glebe NSW Australia

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