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Revenue Cycle & Planning Manager - Established Pharmaceuticals... Taguig

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories Taguig Metro Manila Philippines

1 month ago

This position leads the strategic management function for Abbott’s Established Pharmaceuticals Division (EPD) Philippines via forecasting (consumption and shipment), new product innovation, demand planning and analytics with explicit objective to improve forecast accuracy resulting in delivery of financial commitment to Abbott. This role serves as the EPD Philippines lead for a high-quality, accurate and timely forecasting process. The Lead will also facilitate communication between sales, marketing, finance, demand and supply chain to ensure timely availability and shipments of products.

This position will report directly to affiliate Finance Director and have significant interactions with the Ethical Sales Director, Marketing Director and Trade Sales Director.

Direct Report/s: 1 - Demand Manager

Sensitive/ confidential data handled: Pricing Build- Up and Discounting Matrix

Key Areas of Accountability:

Revenue/Demand planning Management

Gross To net management

Job... Specification

S&OP & Demand Management:
• Lead and manages the demand planning team in demand management activities.
• Manages a regular forecasting process at both the detail and aggregated level.
• Ensures data integrity and quality by reviewing data, identifying unusual occurrences, seeking explanations and assisting in developing corrections to prevent reoccurrences.
• Initially reviews and analyses forecast results in relation to business direction. Identifies product or market trends and provides Commercial Managers with observations of forecast directions.
• Manages Demand Statement that goes in accordance with the market necessities and with the Financial Objectives of the Company, while following parameters and policies, and meeting the required Key Performance Indicators.
• Lead in developing strategies, policies, objectives in areas of S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) MPS (Master Production Scheduling) such as Customer Service, Inventory and Lead times.
• Brings together all the plans for the business (customers, sales, marketing, development, manufacturing, servicing & financial) into integrated set of plans to be presented and analyzed within the S&OP process, reviewing and challenging assumptions, vulnerabilities and opportunities.
• Establishes and maintains forecast performance measurement and evaluation.
• Recognize and manage all product demands to ensure that the master scheduler is aware of them. It encompasses a link within the activities of forecasting, order entry, order promising, and planning.
• To be an operating link between the Marketing, Manufacturing (if applicable), Logistics and Finance Departments to guarantee the optimum supply chain process, to obtain a better orientation and use of resources.
• In collaboration with the Marketing, Logistics and Finance areas, define the safety stock inventory levels.
• Set and Coordinate reconciliation meetings with the Marketing, Finance and Logistics areas. With Marketing (participants include product managers, sales managers and demand manager) to review current forecast, in-market sales, market intelligence and adjust the forecast according to that input. With Finance to review the Business Projection vs. the Adjusted Forecast. And, with Logistics, to review possible product restrictions.
• Conduct a regular update about any changes in the demand or supply. In the case of new contracts or abnormal demands, inform key contacts about date requirements and conditions. “Bad news earlier is better than bad news late” and “good news earlier is better than good news late”
• Manages information residing in Abbott systems to ensure data reliability and integrity.
• Supply tools to “forecast developers”, allowing them to make an analysis according to the market and company circumstances. Document assumptions and occurrences for each product family to facilitate the decision-making.
• Participate in the New Product related meetings in order to determine their market projections. Keeping a database of opportunities will facilitate and improve market projections.
• Administrate, integrate and consolidate sales projections to be presented to the Sales and Operations Plan, Master Planning Schedule and to elaborate reports requested by Headquarters.
• Reconciles supply, demand and new product plans at both detail and aggregate level and tied to the business plan to be reviewed during S&OP process.
• Manage sales performance information from the company to support the Sales and Operation Plan (S&OP).
• Consolidate the information that is going to be used in the S&OP meeting.
• Participate in policy and procedure elaboration regarding S&OP, Demand Management, Master Planning Schedule, Safety Stock, Customer Service Goals, Delivery Time to Customers and Time Fences.
• Participate in the Plan and RLBE preparation to be presented to the Headquarters.
• Identify differences between Financial Plan and Sales Projections.
• Communicate to the Sales Manager/s, Sales Force and Marketing any product supply problems that might arise as a consequence of product shortage or an unplanned surge in demand, leading to variations in the Sales Projections.
• Identify un-forecasted tender business and abnormal demand.
• Decisions made can affect Company P&L.
• Facilitate analysis on products with short shelf life, product with high inventory levels, accept or refuse inventory offered with short shelf life after analyzing all financial and commercial implications.
• Find and recommend alternatives when there is a failure or shortage in the product supply.
• Request extra orders of product when the sales are higher than planned.
• Analyze and warn differences between pricing, volumes vs. financial plan.
• Familiarity with all the items of the different divisions of the company

Inventory Management
• To calculate and manage DOH at Abbott and Distributor. Translate the In-Market sales to To-Market Sales by SKU by month. Responsible for To Market sales by SKU to Distributor kept at optimum and within Distributor’s contractual level to meet customers’ demand and pro-actively prevent back order or out of stock situation.
• To coordinate with Logistics and manage To-Market sales to Distributor, managing KPIs on Forecast Accuracy family mix based on 3-month lag and SP&E based on 1-month lag.
• Monitor and manage stocks returned and aging of stocks to minimize short expiry stocks and write-off.

GROSS TO NET Management
• In-Market sales analysis by channel and monitor ASP by SKU by Channel within

approved limit.
• Monitor bonus/discount given to customers in accordance with approved scheme.

Knowledge & Experience:
• Minimum 5 years related experience.

Competencies required:
• Must have intense attention to details, able to work in a team environment, good organizational skills, and has a multi- tasking ability
• Good communication skills
• Project management
• Good understanding of continuous improvement principles and processes.
• Analytical skills
• Strategic thinking
• Strong communication skills
• Influencing Skills
• Project management
• Basic knowledge in sales and trade
• Strategic thinking and visioning
• Presentation and Negotiation Skills

Minimum Qualification:
• University degree preferably in science or business.
• Minimum 5 years related experience
Taguig Metro Manila Philippines

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