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Police Officer I (Recruit) - PO-05 Hawaii

County of Hawaii

County of Hawaii Hawaii United States

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Duties Summary

Performs a variety of law enforcement, crime prevention, investigative, or other specialized duties as a trainee police officer; attends police classes and receives intensive training in the principles, practices, procedures, and techniques of police work; and performs other related duties as required...

Police Officer I (Recruit) positions may be eligible to receive a $1,000.00 Recruitment Incentive. Conditions apply.

Special Working Conditions: Irregular hours, shift and weekend work, and exposure to hazards as required.

Examples of Duties

Attends classes and receives instruction and training in various phases of police work and in a wide range of subject matter areas.

Receives on-the-job training by accompanying experienced police officers on foot and motor patrols.

Performs a variety of law enforcement duties under supervision of a senior officer such as walking a beat, controlling traffic, enforcing traffic laws, assisting in traffic and criminal investigations and similar activities.

Makes arrests and assists in interviewing witnesses, victims, and suspects or other suspicious characters.

Assists in safeguarding persons and property.

Renders first aid as required.

Serves warrants, subpoenas, and penal summonses.

Assists in transporting prisoners.

Prepares and assists in preparing reports of activities.

May testify in court.

Familiarizes self with general and special orders, administrative notices, police bulletins, and other materials.

Qualifies with small side arms.

May act in an undercover capacity.

Cellblock Security:

Receives handcuffed prisoners, conducts skin searches, inventories property, and maintains physical control of prisoners.

Completes booking, disposition of arrest, and court action forms; posts and maintains logs and files.

Fingerprints, photographs, examines, and completes intake forms for prisoners.

Obtains, serves, and prepares food for in-custody prisoners or detainees.

Monitors detainees' movements by video surveillance or direct observations including immediate supervision for personality disorders.

Operates the electronic door accesses; handles walk-in complaints.

Interrogates and interviews suspects and witnesses involved.

Counsels juvenile offenders and parents and makes referrals to social agencies as appropriate.

Testifies in court.

Familiarizes self with crime conditions and records information for follow-ups and investigations.

Transports, escorts, and maintains security and control of detainees outside of the detention facilities, e.g., court, medical treatment, airline travel, etc. and other authorized movements.

Remains in court with detainee until proper disposition is rendered.

Releases detainees in accordance with authorized instruction; processes return of personal property.

Handles bail collections, bail returns, and the transporting of documents to court.

Assists medical staff with rendering temporary treatment prescribed by licensed physicians and maintains medication.

Receives, briefs, and, if necessary, searches visitors; inspects and searches cellblocks, facilities, visitor room, transport vehicles, etc., for contraband.

Prohibits unauthorized contacts with detainees while outside the facilities; makes arrest and enforces laws, where applicable, in maintaining the control of detainees and preventing an escape from custody.

Prepares reports as required.

Answers inquiries on prisoner custody and bail amounts, relays telephone messages, and makes referrals to proper personnel.

Responsible for the cleanliness and decontamination of cells, corridors, adjoining rooms, transport vans, belly chains, and other equipment used for detention and transport purposes.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Training and Experience:

A combination of education and experience substantially equivalent to:

graduation from high school or equivalent (GED or HiSET), and

20 years of age by the February 14, 2023 closing deadline, (at least 21 years of age by the time of graduation from the Police Academy), and

possession of a valid State of Hawai'i Driver's License (Class 3) or any other valid comparable driver's license at time of filing. (You will be required to submit your driver's license during the Personal History Questionnaire phase with the Hawai'i Police Department), and

must be qualified to carry and/or possess firearm or ammunition in accordance with state and federal laws - no misdemeanor or felony domestic violence conviction.


Written examinations (two hour multiple-choice examination) will be administered in Hilo on the Island of Hawai'i only. (The week of March 27, 2023. Test dates/times will be determined based on the number of qualified applicants). Qualifying applicants will be allowed to self-schedule for various sessions scheduled and will be provided an email notification to do so later in the process.

Physical agility test will be held in Hilo, Hawai'i on Wednesday, April 26, 2023. Only the top 150 applicants with the highest written test scores + tie scores will proceed to the physical agility test. The physical agility test involves running an obstacle course in 70.00 seconds or less. Only one run of the course is allowed. This is a pass/fail test. Those who pass the physical agility test will be processed for further screening by the Hawai'i Police Department.

Attach all required documentation (e.g. official transcript, professional license(s)/certification(s), DD-214, etc.) at the time of submitting your application.

Note: In-person interviews and/or further testing in Hawai'i County may be required at the discretion of the hiring department/agency. If in-person interviews and/or further testing are required, applicants who are referred to the hiring department/agency must be available to participate in person and at their own expense at that phase of the selection process.

Knowledge of: grammar, spelling, and word usage.

Ability to: learn and explain laws, ordinances, and regulations; learn police principles, practices, methods, and techniques; follow oral and written instructions; deal courteously but firmly with the general public; learn the geography of the County of Hawai'i and the economic, social, and racial composition of the community; keep records and prepare simple reports; operate various office and other equipment and appliances.

Physical and Age Standards: Persons seeking appointment to positions in this class must meet the health and physical condition standards deemed necessary and proper to perform the essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodations. All candidates for employment as a Police Officer I shall be at least 20 years of age at the time of filing, and at least 21 years of age by the time of graduation from the Police Academy; have a correct ratio of weight to height; possess good eyesight and good physical condition and agility according to standards set by the County of Hawai'i.

Distant Vision - 20/20 binocular vision, with or without correction. Vision correction by soft contact lenses: Soft contact lens wearers must have 20/200 or better binocular vision before correction, corrected to 20/20. If selected, applicants must provide certification to the County Physician from an ophthalmologist/optometrist that he/she has successfully worn soft contact lenses for the past 3 months. Vision correction by other than soft contact lenses (e.g., glasses, hard contact lenses, semi-rigid contact lenses): Wearers must have 20/40 or better binocular vision before correction, corrected to 20/20.

Physical Effort Grouping: Special

Supplemental Information


These employment guidelines are used by the Hawai'i Police Department to determine whether an applicant is suitable for a Police Officer I position:

MANDATORY DISQUALIFICATION: (Applicants will be disqualified if any one of the following criteria exists.)

CRIMINAL HISTORY Time Period From Filing Of Application

– (Indictment/Conviction) Any Felony Offense: Lifetime (Unsuitable)

– (Indictment/Conviction) Any Misdemeanor/Petty Misdemeanor Crime of Violence that involves injury or threat of injury to the person of another; such as Assault/Abuse Family Household Member/Terror Threat, Etc: Lifetime (Unsuitable)


– (Indictment/Conviction) Sale/Trade/Distribution any Controlled Substance delineated under Schedule I-IV of the Hawai'i Revised Statutes as amended: Lifetime (Unsuitable)

– (Conviction/Arrest/Suspect/Admission) Use of any Controlled Substance delineated under Schedule I-IV of the Hawai'i Revised Statutes as amended, while employed in a sworn law enforcement or prosecutorial position or in a position of high public trust: Lifetime (Unsuitable)

– (Suspect or Admission) Use of any Controlled Substance delineated under Schedule I-IV (with the exception of marijuana) of the Hawai'i Revised Statutes as amended: Within last 5-years (Unsuitable)

– (Suspect or Admission) Use of any marijuana: Within last 2-years (Unsuitable)


– (Conviction) Two (2) or More DUI Offenses: Within last 10-years (Unsuitable)

– (Conviction) Single DUI Offense: Within last 5-years (Unsuitable)

– (Conviction) Reckless Driving Offense: Within last 5-years (Unsuitable)

– (Conviction) Operation of Motor Vehicle while License revoked or suspended: Within last 5-years (Unsuitable)

UNDESIRABLE TRAITS: (Applicants may be disqualified if any one of the following criteria exists and based on the totality of circumstances.)

CREDIT HISTORY/EMPLOYMENT Time Period From Filing Of Application

– (Totality of Circumstances) demonstrating poor judgment, irresponsibility, lack of decision-making capabilities, and lack of self-discipline: Within last 5-years


– (Arrest/Suspect) Murder: Lifetime

– (Arrest/Suspect/Admission) of any Felony Offense or Crime of Violence: Within last 5-years

– (Conviction/Arrest/Suspect/Admission) of any other misdemeanor/petty misdemeanors offenses: Within last 3-years

– (Conviction/Arrest) Contempt of Court: Within last 3-years


– (Conviction) Any Illegal Drug related offenses: Lifetime

– (Suspect/Admission) Sale/Trade/Distribution any Controlled Substance delineated under Schedule I-IV of the Hawai'i Revised Statutes as amended: Lifetime

– (Suspect or Admission) Excessive use/experimentation of any/or combination of any Controlled Substance delineated under Schedule I-IV of the Hawai'i Revised Statutes as amended: Lifetime


– (Arrest) Reckless Driving: Within last 3-years

– (Arrest) DUI or Traffic Offense: Within last 3-years

– (Citations) Three (3) of more moving violations, i.e. speeding, etc: Within last 3-years

– (Citations) Excessive parking violations, i.e. speeding, etc: Within last 3-years

(Employment guidelines may be revised at the discretion of the Hawai'i Police Department - Revised 7-1-08)


Only the top 150 applicants with the highest written test scores + tie scores will proceed to the physical agility test.

The Department of Human Resources will refer names of applicants, who pass the Police Officer I written examination and physical agility test, to the Hawai'i Police Department.

The Hawai'i Police Department in turn will administer the following as part of their selection process in filling Police Officer I (Police Recruit) positions:

Completion of a Personal History Questionnaire. The Personal History Questionnaire asks for information about previous employment, formal education, military history, substance abuse, driving history, domestic violence, and criminal record. Applicants will be required to submit designated documents to the Hawai'i Police Department to confirm certain information provided on the Personal History Questionnaire.

A review of the Personal History Questionnaire is conducted with each applicant for clarification and explanation of serious and critical admissions. This is done to determine the suitability of the applicant according to the Hawai'i Police Department's employment guidelines for a Police Officer I position. Please refer to the enclosed Hawai'i Police Department's Employment Guidelines. Applicants who do not meet the guidelines will be notified and their consideration for employment will end at this point.

Intensive background investigation. For applicants who meet the employment guidelines, the Hawai'i Police Department will verify information obtained from the Personal History Questionnaire through an intensive background investigation.

Conditional offer of employment. Applicants whose completed background investigation conforms to the employment guidelines may be given a conditional offer of employment and are processed for Phases 5 – 8 (not necessarily in this order).

Polygraph examination administered by a licensed polygrapher.

Written psychological testing.

Personal assessment by psychologist.

Formal panel interview with staff of the Hawai'i Police Department.

Selection. Applicants who pass all 8 phases and are selected to continue to the final phases of the selection process must pass a pre-entry medical examination with the County Physician and a drug screening test before being hired. A credit check history check will also be conducted and considered before being hired. The Hawai'i Police Department will determine the date of hire of applicants selected.

Phases 1 – 8 will take approximately 6 months in duration.

Police recruits will attend 6 months of classroom training at the Hawai'i Police Department in Hilo, Hawai'i.

During the first week of training, applicants should be prepared to perform bursts of push-ups and sit-ups throughout each day. During the academic phase of the Police Recruit training, Recruit Officers undergo various physical activities to show their overall physical ability to handle the rigorous demands of the job. Recruits also participate in other physical activities which help to build strength and endurance that is used in many of the use of force classes. The following activities are examples of exercises that test the muscular endurance, body strength and aerobic power of the recruits: 300 meter run, hand release push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and shuttle runs.

During the classroom training period, the following academic and physical standards will apply:

Pass weekly examinations in classroom on all subjects presented.

Note-taking and report writing in a designated format will be required during all phases of instruction.

Successful completion of a proficiency examination in the Police Combat Pistol Course.

Successful completion of a proficiency examination with the standard police shotgun.

Pass a physical fitness assessment program by completion of the classroom training.

Successful completion of Arrest Control Techniques Training, Wooden Baton Training, Electronic Control Device Training, ASP Baton Training, and Pepper Spray Training.

Pass personal appearance and grooming, as noted in the Hawai'i Police Department General Orders, with inspections conducted daily, as determined by the recruit supervisors.

Other requirements, as specified by the Hawai'i Police Department.

Police recruits will then work under the supervision of rotating Field Training Officers for 4 months in an assigned district. Upon successfully completing the Field Training Officer program, the Police recruits will be assigned to work independently in a district. The initial probationary period for a Police Officer I (police recruit) is 12 months.

For further information regarding the Police Officer I training program, please call the Hawai'i Police Department's Administrative Division - telephone number is (808) 961-2269.

Please scan and attach these supporting documents to your on-line application, if required:

an official college transcript,

a valid driver's license,

a temporary assignment verification,

professional licenses, and/or


Veterans applying for veteran's preference points shall also scan and attach their DD-214 form and as needed, their VA claim letter to the on-line application.


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You will receive a confirmation email upon successfully submitting your application. Failure to receive this confirmation email, indicates that your application was not submitted.

POLICE BENEFITS• Automobile allowance: $600.00/month.• Standard of Conduct Differential: $658.68/month.• Firearm Allowance: $1,000.00 per fiscal year.• Uniform Allowance: $300.00 per fiscal year.• Vacation: 21 days per year.• Sick Leave: 21 days per year.• Holidays: 13 days per year + general election day in an election year.• Medical, Vision, Prescription Drug, & Dental Plans. • Group Life Insurance.• Night Differential (6pm-6am): $0.55 per hour for each hour of actual work performed.• Membership Benefits: Membership in the County Credit Union, State of Hawai'i Organization of Police Officers (SHOPO) union, the Flexible Spending Plan, and the State of Hawai'i Deferred Compensation Plan.• Retirement: Eligible to retire at age 55 with 25 years of police service in Hawai'i
Hawaii USA

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