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Discover an array of thrilling employment opportunities as a Mailroom Clerk at USPS.

In case you want to start a career without having any previous experience, then USPS could be the perfect fit for you. Being the largest government-related agency in the country, they are currently hiring across many fields. And guess what? The organization provides paid formal training so that new employees can... understand the requirements of the job.

Performing different tasks is what being a Mailroom Clerk at USPS entails. These include selling stamps; sorting incoming mail; putting mail in designated areas or bins; carrying out clerical functions and customer services related to mailing among others. This position offers great potential for professional growth since one can rise through ranks within USPS which operates under tight schedules thereby making this possible.

Position Details:
• There is a wide range of positions available
• Starting salaries range from $23.47-$38.62 per hour for entry-level employees
• With access to comprehensive benefits package, average annual pay amounts up to $72,400
• Life insurance is among essential benefits because it covers staff members against financial hardships resulting from unexpected events leading to loss of lives
• Apart from working under favorable conditions and guaranteed job security while moving up your career ladder, these are some other advantages attached to thriving careers.

USPS is known for providing good working environment with competitive pay rates as well as opportunities for professional advancement among its staff members.

Applicants must be U.S citizens who have attained 18 years old and above in order to be considered eligible for hire.

Duties Include but not limited:
• Processing mail by destination (sorting, labeling etc.)
• Sell stamps
• A system should be put in place where each item can be quickly categorized according to priority level so that incoming mails are handled promptly
• Efficiently manage & distribute mails
• Carry out various clerical duties as required by supervisors from time-to-time
• Helping individuals with postal tasks such as change address notification or mail hold

About USPS: Created over two centuries ago, USPS is the biggest government related agency with close to a million employees. They have more than thirty thousand post office locations worldwide and deliver approximately six hundred million mails annually to one hundred and forty-two million delivery points across America alone. Also boasting of being the world’s largest fleet operator with over two hundred thousand vehicles, USPS offers equal employment opportunities coupled with attractive remuneration packages including benefits packages such as life insurance cover among others. Please note that Labor Services is just an independent recruitment firm which helps people secure jobs; however it has no affiliation whatsoever with United States Postal Service (USPS). Join USPS now and start off your successful career path with a trusted name that has been around for years
Marinette WI United States


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