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  • 1 week ago

jobs description

USPS wants human beings with ambition and energy to fill Postal Operations Associate positions that can open the door to great opportunities for growth.

We are looking people to work at the largest federal agency in the country, which is hiring across all regions. Whether you have experience or not, USPS will give you support and education needed to succeed in your new position...

A USPS Postal Operations Associate never has a dull day — every day brings new challenges. You could be handling a huge volume of mail one minute and helping a customer with different postal services the next. It is fast-paced work environment that requires you to be on your toes.

Position Details:
• Job openings abound
• Entry-level pay ranges from $23.47 - $38.62 per hour
• Typical salary is $72,400 annually for this position with benefits package that includes health insurance, paid time off, life insurance, and retirement savings plan among other things.
• This job offers stability like few others do; its high-demand-low-turnover nature ensures steady employment alongside income for years if not decades ahead.

With close to one million employees spread throughout thousands of locations nationwide (including but not limited to distribution centers retail outlets post offices hubs etc.), US Postal Service is quite possibly America’s largest single employer organization wise. Since there are so many different types jobs available within USPS ranging from entry level all way up management levels; it should come as no surprise that they offer competitive salaries ideal working environments career advancement opportunities along side long-term job security benefits such as pension plans etcetera!

Interested candidates must meet certain requirements such as being at least 18 years old & having U.S citizenship among other things…

Here some examples might include but not limited too:-

Mail Security – The Post Office Assistant ensures safety by following proper procedures when dealing with packages & letters alike;
• Selling Stamps
• Sorting Mail – After receiving it teams then sort through each item identifying who/where destined before passing onto next stage this helps streamline internal mail flow within an organization
• Sorting and Distributing Mail – This is where incoming post gets sorted into groups based on their destinations so they can be delivered straight away if possible;
• Doing Various Clerical Duties;
• Helping People Who Want Know How To Forward Or Stop Delivery Of Their Mail.

About USPS:

With over 200 years of existence USPS is the largest government agency and one of the biggest employers in the United States with close to a million employees. There are also more than thirty thousand post offices throughout America which makes it even bigger as an organization; Additionally Post Office delivers approximately six hundred million mails every year reaching one hundred forty two million addresses nationwide using its fleet composed two hundred thousand plus vehicles making them world’s largest such provider . It is also worth noting that Postal Service being equal opportunity employer offers decent pays great benefits packages chances for career growth as well job security but not associated or affiliated with Labor Services Employment Agency
Galena Park TX United States


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