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Job Description: Practical Nurse Specialist

A fulfilling job opportunity for a committed and compassionate expert in healthcare is available at BAYADA Home Health Care for the position of Practical Nurse Specialist...

Key Responsibilities:
• Within the guidelines of RNs and physicians, LPNs are responsible for providing hands-on patient care. This includes administering medications, changing dressings, taking vital signs, and assisting with activities of daily living, such as bathing and feeding.
• To accurately monitor and report patients' conditions, LPNs must possess excellent observation skills and attention to detail. They must be meticulous in their record-keeping.
• Patient Communication: LPNs are proficient at communicating with patients and their families, conveying essential healthcare information and providing education on medical conditions and treatments. LPNs serve as liaisons between patients and their healthcare providers, ensuring that patients have a thorough grasp of their situation and care plans.
• LPNs play an essential role in the healthcare team and must work collaboratively with other members of the team such as registered nurses, physicians, and therapists to provide complete care to patients. Effective communication and teamwork facilitate the success of this collaboration.
• Maintaining accurate and detailed patient records is a crucial aspect of the LPN role. This requires recording medication administration, treatments, and observations made about the patient in their medical records.
• Emphasis on safety regulations, virus prevention strategies, and compliance with regulatory standards is crucial for LPNs to ensure a safe, clean, and hygienic environment for patients and staff.

• Nursing practice in the United States mandates a valid license from a recognized state licensing board.
• Fulfilment of a licensed nursing program

• One-on-one care services empower patients by giving them more significant control over their healthcare decisions, leading to better treatment choices and improved healthcare outcomes
• Your schedule can be flexible and shaped to your liking
• Weekly pay
• Offering preventive care coverage to all employees, regardless of their employment status, including PRN staff, is an essential aspect of a company's health insurance
• At our agency, we prioritize matching you with cases that are close by - this allows for better time management and increased productivity
• In addition to primary care and preventative services, dental care coverage can also provide access to procedures such as orthodontics and oral surgery
• Company-paid life insurance
• Employee Assistance Program
• 401K
• Seeking out professional development programs and mentorships can assist employees in achieving career progression

How we prepare our Nurses for success :
• The company provides a comprehensive training program that covers various learning approaches such as in-person, remote, and virtual instructions to new hires from day one
• Immerse yourself in the world of adult and pediatric healthcare with top-rated Simulation labs
• Got a medical issue that needs immediate attention? Our 24/7 on call clinical support is at your service
• Electronic charting tools on AlayaCare can generate automated care plans for patients, providing healthcare providers with tailored care plans that account for individual patient needs

The clients we serve belong to varying age groups, diagnoses, and acuity levels, and our nurses are trained accordingly.

Available Shifts:
• Depending on the job, the morning, evening or overnight shift may offer different tasks or workload
• Which Work Schedule Is Best for Full Shift Work: 8s, 10s, or 12s?
• The decision to work PRN, part-time, or full-time can also impact an individuals work-life balance
• Not compelled by any minimum requirements or weekend conditions

Come join our team of healthcare providers as an Practical Nurse Specialist if you are compassionate and committed to providing quality care.

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Clayton NC United States


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