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Volex is a leading integrated manufacturing specialist for performance-critical applications and power products.

Our products and services are as diverse as the customers we serve. Each helps to enable the increasingly sophisticated digital world in which we live. Providing power and connectivity for both everyday items and complex machinery, from radiation oncology treatments, industrial lasers, right through to electric vehicles for the 21st century, Volex is integral to a vast universe of modern manufacturers.

Our SLP - Prodamex Volex company, was founded in 2007 and since 2008 we have been part of Terminal & Cable TC, we are an undisputed leader in the electrical harness manufacturing industry in Mexico, the United States and Canada.

Prodamex based in San Luis Potosí is a centralized production site that allows us to easily serve our national and international customers, providing a fast delivery service that meets their just-in-time storage demands.

Since January 2022... Prodamex SA de CV and Terminal & Cable TC are part of Volex. Volex is a leading international company in the commercialization of power cables for industry, as well as in materials manufacturing processes.

• This company leads the distribution of cables and energy systems for the main companies in the region, services that include:
• The production of renewable energy or solar energy,
• Industrial test,
• Measuring equipment,
• Industrial electronics and machinery,
• Air conditioning,
• Automotive refrigeration,
• Aerospace and military equipment

Core areas of the role include:

• Keeps planning parameters updated in the numbers of parts of raw material assigned.
• Verify that the assigned raw material part numbers give
• Production plan support.
• Communicates to the Operations Manager any issues that arise identify in the material plan, to take the actions appropriate.
• Responds to the Master Scheduler within a period of no more than 24 hours new customer orders and/or requests for changes to orders of customers, with the aim of reviewing and guaranteeing the availability of raw materials on the required dates, to meet the customer needs.
• Participates in the introduction of new products.
• Participates in the internal audit plan.

• Prepare a report, at least once a week, to review the rescheduling of open purchase orders, taking the pertinent actions to ensure compliance with the production plan and maintaining the minimum possible levels of inventory.
• Prepare a report at least once a week of orders of purchase to be released, suggested by the MRP module.
• Prepares the necessary "Purchase Order" forms and requests authorization to the Operations Manager.
• Ensures that the provider has a controlled copy of the specification of the part and that it meets the level of Correct review
• Faxes or electronically sends purchase orders authorized and where necessary negotiates prices and dates of delivery.
• Updates changes made to orders in the MRP II system of existing purchases; as well as registers the new Orders.
• Requests the comptroller to update the "Standard Cost" records in the assigned raw material numbers when appropriate.
• Keeps primary supplier records up to date and/or secondary in the assigned raw material numbers.
• Keeps "Planner" code and code records up to date of "Buyer" in the assigned raw material part numbers.
• It is responsible for registering new suppliers.

• Authorizes purchase orders suggested by the MRP system and oversees the scheduling of purchase orders.
• Verify that the cycle counting program is complied with, requesting to the General Manager for his final authorization.
• Suggests to the General Manager the disposition of the materials not conforming, obsolete or slow-moving.
• Creates the means for new customer orders, or changes of orders, are answered to sales within a period of 24 to 48 hrs. according to procedure.

• Reinforces the use of the Receipt Procedure contained in the Manual of Quality, in turn, provides and creates the means to improve the Receipt process.
• Reinforces the use of the Storage Procedure, contained in the Quality Manual.
• Provides and creates the means for customer orders to be Embark on time.
• Provides and creates the means for the Supplier of raw material towards manufacturing cells, be as efficient as possible.
• Reinforces and maintains habits of organization, order, discipline and Standardization within warehouse areas.


Supervises compliance with the preventive maintenance program through transport equipment, such as forklifts and jack pallets (manual and electric).

• The continuous improvement department reports weekly on the performance indicators in the areas of Materials and Purchasing.
• Sends monthly to the Director of Materials, the performance of the plant suppliers.
• Attends weekly Operations meetings.
• Participates in the weekly meetings of the Results of the Operations.
• Attends the annual Purchasing Forum of Volex Inc

• Verify the follow-up to the assigned purchase requisitions, complying with the respective procedure (at least two quotes, consecutive number of purchase orders, signatures of authorization, etc.).
• Verify the identification of suppliers.
• Verify purchase orders in the BPCS System.
• Verifies follow-up when necessary to orders shopping.
• Reviews the purchase report provided with the purchasing supervisor, in order to verify that there is no overdue deliveries, to take the necessary actions.


In compliance with Art 153-D of the Federal Labor Law, you must:
• Attend courses, group sessions and others on time activities that are part of the training process or training.
• Follow the instructions of the people who provide the training or training and comply with the respective programs; and present the knowledge and aptitude evaluation exams or labor competency that are required.
• Promotes the training actions required by the staff of their department, so that all of them can carry out your work in the right way.

• Hold a weekly meeting with the warehouse supervisor and the leader to report and evaluate the progress of the requesting your support in solving problems that have presented and motivated them so that the discipline of the staff promoting the harmony of daily work.
• Attends to and resolves personnel issues (permits, calls from attention, etc.), in cases where the supervisor has not done so.
• Verify that work schedules and rest schedules are respected in their respective time.
• Responsible for Managing the Industrial Organization. Participate in the establishment of objectives Strategies that will determine the direction of the Organization.
• Prepares, Negotiates and Manages the Objectives and Budgets of the Company, as well as the Strategies and Action Plans to comply those Objectives. Validates and Authorizes Standard Procedures Operation (SOP) of the Company.
• Determines and Executes the Administrative policies of the Organization through subordinate managers.
• Ensures the Optimal Operation of the Company's Departments such as: Production, Quality, Finance, Materials, Engineering, Maintenance, Human Resources, etc.
• Responsible for Selecting, Training, Motivating, Developing and acting as a Facilitator for your Staff.
• Responsible for forming and maintaining interdepartmental harmony
• Represents the Company in Industrial and Commercial Associations or Service to develop an acceptance thereof, as well as detect situations or trends that may affect the Company.

• Is responsible for monitoring the establishment, implementation, maintenance and improvement of management systems, and to implement the processes required so that the management achieves its purposes.
• It is responsible to carry out the necessary actions and/or activities derived from the procedures that are applicable according to its matrix of competencies to ensure product quality.
• It is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of the training that directly impacts the quality of the product of the personnel who directly reports to you
• This position does NOT directly impact the quality of the Product.

• Strategic Planning
• Knowledge of Import/Export
• Excel Intermediate
• Safety / environmental according to the competency matrix
• Fully Bilingual (English/ Spanish)

• Leadership
• Communication
San Luis Potosi Mexico


Apply - Supply Chain Manager San Luis Potosi