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Inventory Coordinator...

UPS Quick Apply

You can apply for this position online with ease and rapidity - and you might even be able to finalize the paperwork for your first day of work in as little as 20 minutes!

The method is straightforward and can be easily executed:

1) In order to initiate the application process, it is essential for you to furnish us with some basic information.

2) Watch a succinct video to learn about the typical job demands.

3) Conclude the application process by fulfilling the online requirements.

4) Choose the day you will begin working after getting your employment offer confirmed.


In summary, UPS warehouse workers are responsible for ensuring the timely and accurate handling of packages in the company's warehouse facilities. They are highly trained, skilled, and essential to the successful operation of the company's logistics operations

Our Inventory Coordinators, otherwise known as Package Handlers, understand the importance of speed and efficiency when it comes to their work. They work together seamlessly to load and unload packages and to ensure that they are sorted and shipped in a promptly.


If you're looking for ways to handle a busy shift filled with moving boxes and packages, consider breaking up your workload and making a to-do list
• Possessing the capacity to pick up loads that are up to 70lbs
• If you're ready for a challenge, give the Stamina workout a go!
• Legal entitlement to hold a job in the United States.
• Attention to detail is a key component of problem-solving because it helps to uncover underlying issues
• Reliable and responsible
• Durable shoes designed to keep you comfortable during long work hours


What's in it for you?

Flexible schedule: If you're looking for a position that allows for a flexible schedule, being a UPS Warehouse Worker might be the perfect fit. UPS offers part-time and full-time positions, allowing you to find a schedule that works for you
• Excellent weekly pay
• Growth opportunities
• 401(k)
• Defined-benefit pension plan
• Medical, dental, and vision benefits become available after fulfilling the waiting period
• $0 healthcare premium
• Paid vacation
• Compulsory Paid Sick and Family and Medical Leave time is legally guaranteed and ensures that an employee's right to look after themselves and their families is recognized
• Education Assistance Program
• Paid holidays
• Employee stock purchase program is a scheme that allows workers to buy company shares at a discounted price and is an attractive employee benefit


However, UPS is more than just a package delivery company; they also offer a range of other services, including supply chain management, e-commerce solutions, and healthcare logistics

We are the ones responsible for delivering all sorts of packages, from holiday presents to vital medicine, and we do so using our signature brown trucks.

We aspire to contribute not just to our customers and colleagues, but also to the greater world around us. Our commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices speaks volumes about our desire to create a positive impact, and we take this responsibility very seriously
Lino Lakes MN United States


Apply - Inventory Coordinator Lino Lakes