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Wood is recruiting for an Instrument Technician for Spirit on site at Barrow-in-Furness. This is a core position on a 7/7 rotation.

Instrumentation & control technicians are responsible for the assembly, installation, removal and replacement, disassembly, test functionality and operability, maintenance and repair of instrumentation systems and their associated system components. Such systems can be of an electronic, electro-mechanical or pneumatic technology which may be used to indicate, record and control a wide variety of equipment, plant and machinery. An integral aspect of the instrumentation & control technician is the ability to locate and identify faults in a timely manner to restore plant and equipment to acceptable conditions. The wide range of possible equipment and systems also require a good knowledge of, and the ability to effectively use, an equally wide range of test and measuring equipment. Instrumentation & control technicians typically need a good understanding of... engineering theory, the functions of components within systems and the effect on system operation of failure.

The instrumentation & control technician will: • Have the required competencies to assemble, install, carry out preventative maintenance, repair, diagnose faults and remove and replace, and dissemble instrumentation and control systems and their associated system components. • Understand the relevant legislative, regulatory and local requirements or procedures and safe working practices, including their responsibilities with regards to reporting lines and procedures. • Understand the preparation and reinstatement requirements in respect of the work area, materials and equipment, and the possible consequences of incorrect actions in these areas. • Be able to read and interpret relevant engineering drawings, related specifications, quality standards and equipment manuals, and to follow work instructions and relevant plans and schedules. • Understand which tools and equipment to use, and when, and will follow relevant training, methods and techniques and quality control and safety procedures for their use. • Understand their responsibilities for ensuring the care and security of tools and equipment used. • Understand the types of defects and testing anomalies that can occur, how to identify them, and what action to take. • Diagnose function and test equipment on return to service • Be able to handle a range of digital information, technology and equipment to support work related tasks and to communicate information.

TMI01 - Pressure measurement and control systems - Range check a pressure gauge, change settings on a pressure switch, recalibrate a SMART pressure transmitter and record Instrument Test Records (ITR's) • TMI02 - Level measurement and control systems - Reconfigure, calibrate and function check a displacement type level transmitter and a SMART type level transmitter and record ITRs • TMI04 - Temperature measurement and control systems - Commission a temperature detector (RTD or thermocouple) and a SMART temperature transmitter including a range change by a 20% increase or decrease of its current settings, recalibration and full loop check from heat source to transmitter output, record ITRs. • TMI14 - Flow measurement and control systems - Recommission a differential pressure flow transmitter into a fully operational condition, and calibration check the transmitter and record ITRs • TMI17 - Maintain, calibrate and commission a process control valve - Remove a process control valve positioner and actuator, replace valve stem gland packing, reassemble and body pressure test. Set up and stroke test to operate open/closed on a 4-20 mA control signal, complete full loop calibration and record ITRs • TSBT02 - Disassemble and reinstall SBT assemblies - Identify faults and defects with SBT assemblies, disassemble SBT assemblies, rectify faults and defects and reinstall SBT assemblies by selecting and using the correct materials, tools, fittings, clamps and supports in accordance with P&ID and specification sheet
Barrow-in-Furness United Kingdom


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