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  • 3 days ago

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Are you looking to start a career without any work experience? The United States Postal Service is now hiring Postal Clerks nationwide and offers many job opportunities with no prior experience required. With nearly 1 million employees, USPS is the largest government agency. Paid training is provided for all positions so there will be an easy transition into your new job.

About the Position... This is a crucial role within the United States Postal Service (USPS). As a clerk, you are responsible for performing various duties that help keep things running smoothly at USPS such as selling stamps, receiving and processing incoming mail, sorting and distributing mail, and other clerical tasks. You also assist the public with their general mailing needs which may include completing change of addresses forms, managing mail holds or providing post office box services. This not only helps USPS function better but it also provides an excellent opportunity for career growth within this organization with many dynamic postal service jobs available at different levels.

Position Details:
• There are multiple employment opportunities for candidates seeking jobs
• Starting Employee Salary: $23.47 - $38.62 per Hour
• Average total compensation including benefits amounts to $72 400 per year
• Paid vacation policy lets workers take time off when they need it most then come back refreshed ready to get back down to business
• Good working conditions can increase morale among staff and lead them being more satisfied in their roles
Comfortable well equipped workspace

The Postal Service values the welfare of its staff by providing a conducive working environment that is comfortable, safe and productive. They offer modern facilities and amenities to keep employees motivated, energized and productive in their work.

Eligibility for this job requires applicants to meet two requirements: be at least 18 years old and have US citizenship.

Among the responsibilities of a Postal Service Clerk is ensuring that mail is sorted correctly and delivered to the right person:
• Selling stamps
• Improving the incoming mail process
• To prevent mistakes and delays in delivery, efficient mail sorting should include checking mailing addresses, eliminating duplicates, dealing with misdirected or unsolicited mail etc.
• Multitasking may be needed while taking on different administrative duties
• Assisting customers with their mailing needs such as handling address changes or stopping mail delivery for a period.

About USPS: Established more than two centuries ago, USPS is the biggest employer in the American government. With over 30K post office locations throughout America where it delivers up to 600 million pieces annually reaching nearly every single household (142M delivery points). This organization operates a fleet made up of greater than two hundred thousand vehicles making them one among worlds largest vehicle operating companies . Being an equal opportunity employer means good pay ,benefits ,promotion opportunitys & security in employment . Whilst labour services can assist you gain employment theyre not part of usps Join now or regret later having never worked somewhere else equally reputable
Eaton Rapids MI United States


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