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The USPS is a good place to work because this job offers stability and great benefits.

Are you looking for a job with no experience needed? The United States Postal Service is hiring Mail and Package Handlers nationwide. This organization is the largest employer in the country, with about 1 million employees. Paid training will be provided for all positions so there won’t be any bumps in the... road when transitioning into your new role.

About This Position: Working as a Mail and Package Handler at the United States Postal Service (USPS) means taking on many different tasks that are essential to keeping things running smoothly. In addition to selling stamps, clerks are responsible for receiving incoming mail; sorting and distributing mail; performing various clerical duties; and helping customers with general mailing needs such as completing change-of-address forms, managing mail holds or obtaining post office boxes. Not only does this position help ensure USPS runs efficiently, but also presents excellent opportunities for career growth within the organization – especially considering advancement in this dynamic industry.

Position Details:
• Pay starts at $23.47 per hour for inexperienced workers and can go up to $38.62 per hour
• Average yearly salary including benefits is $72,400

Sick leave is granted so employees can take care of themselves without fear of losing wages or jeopardizing their job

Employers need to provide strong job security measures due to technology advances which could potentially eliminate certain positions thereby causing concerns among staff members who now have become accustomed towards automation creating lifelong careers within one company

USPS has an extensive network of retail locations, postal service hubs, and mail distribution centers throughout America; this presence alone should instill pride in any employee as they know that what they do affects others positively across-the-board.

This job opening requires candidates who are 18 years old or older with U.S citizenship.

A Mail and Package Handler may train new employees on tasks such as safety protocols:
• Sell Stamps
• Incoming mail systems need to be efficient so that items can be received, sorted, and directed toward the right people as quickly as possible
• Different organizations may have various ways of doing things when it comes to sorting through all incoming correspondence based on their size or budget; some small businesses might still rely on manual methods while others use machines for this task alone
• Clerical work usually involves working by oneself
• Helping the public with typical postal tasks such as change-of-address forms or temporarily stopping delivery of mail.

About USPS: USPS, which was established more than two centuries ago, is the biggest agency of the US government. It has almost 1 million employees and provides its services through about 30,000 post office locations across the country. The number of mail pieces sent by USPS annually amounts to over 600 million that are delivered to 142 million addresses every year. Moreover, it owns more than any other organization – twice as many as FedEx and UPS combined together! With such an enormous staff force behind them they must be doing something right; this can be seen in their tagline “Equal opportunity employer”. Working for such a company is not only financially rewarding but also offers great benefits package with opportunities for career growth within the company itself thus ensuring job security throughout ones working life however long or short it may turn out to be. Although Labor Services will help people find jobs at Post Office; they are separate companies so don’t get confused because one belongs under another or anything like that - Join now if you’re interested in starting your career journey
Fairlawn OH United States


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