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  • 1 week ago

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If you are interested in a challenging and thrilling line of work associated with the post office, being a USPS Clerk could be just what you’re looking for.

Right now there are jobs all over the country available through America’s biggest employer, who has almost one million workers. With high-quality training for new hires, they can easily learn how to do their job without any previous... experience.

Since the Clerk position is so important to USPS operation, applicants must have some higher education. Though a high school diploma (or equivalent) are usually minimum requirements, college degrees might be necessary if people want to move up into more advanced roles within this department.

Position Details:

Many different kinds of job openings right now
• Starting pay: $23.47 – $38.62/hour
• Typical salary: $72,400/yearly | includes benefits package


Take pleasure in having paid vacation leave days off work when sick public holidays every year health insurance life insurance pension plan

They say that happy employees make productive employees; positive working conditions lead to increased satisfaction among staff which ultimately creates happier and more efficient workers who produce better results.

USPS has nearly one million employees at around 30k+ distribution centers throughout the US as well as many retail outlets where stamps can be purchased or packages sent overnight domestically/internationally etc.. There are various positions available ranging from entry-level managerial roles upwards within this organization which also offers great salaries promising income opportunities along with good benefits such as favorable working conditions long-term stability etc..

In order to apply for a job at USPS, candidates must meet certain eligibility requirements including being an American citizen who is 18 years old or older.

The responsibilities of a USPS Clerk include but are not limited to:
• Sorting mail according to zip code for delivery by carrier route number then alphabetically based on last name within each route using automated sorting machines
• Selling postage stamps required on all outgoing letters & packages weighing up to 13 ounces
• Processing incoming mail requests promptly – urgent/important mailings need expedited handling so they’re not delayed in reaching their destination
• Sorting & distributing mail; this is a vital service that connects people worldwide through written communication
• Performing various clerical duties as needed throughout the day such as answering phones taking messages typing forms filing documents etc..
• Providing specialized customer service for those with unique mailing needs or questions about USPS rules/regulations.

About USPS: Established more than two centuries ago, the US Postal Service is the largest agency of its kind. With nearly 1 million employees and over 30,000 post offices nationwide, it delivers to 142 million addresses in the United States each year. USPS also operates the world’s largest civilian vehicle fleet — more than 200,000 vehicles. Equal opportunity employer offering excellent pay benefits career growth potential job security Please note that Labor Services Inc., a private employment service, helps job seekers find work and is not affiliated with USPS. Apply now at uspsemployment.org to start your future today
Herrin IL United States


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