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jobs description

Current Employees:

The organization values the growth and development of its current employees and invites them to apply for career opportunities through the internal career site, accessible via the Workday Account by selecting the Career icon on their homepage...

Starting Pay Rate Range

$34.60 - $43.25

(Determined by the knowledge, skills, and experience of the applicant.)

Job Summary

A competent nursing staff has the ability to change the healthcare field, and at Monument Health, our nurses are driven and professional. We need Registered Nurses who are hard-working, supportive, and have a positive attitude, whether they are fresh graduates or seasoned professionals.

At Monument Health, Registered Nurses are considered essential team members who provide patient-centered care with compassion. The culture of teamwork, mutual respect, professionalism, and a fulfilling career is emphasized. Nurses at Monument Health have the opportunity to change lives every day, making a positive impact on the patients they care for.

Our nursing team consists of professionals who are committed to providing compassionate, competent care that addresses the unique needs of each patient. Our nurses are trained to use independent judgement to assess patient needs, develop care plans, and evaluate outcomes in accordance with industry standards, institutional policies, laws, and regulations.

Our vision at Monument Health is to work as a team, listen to others, include everyone, and show sincere care. We always strive to do what is right every time without compromising our values. Suppose you share this view, then we would love for you to join our team.

Monument Health offers competitive wages and benefits on qualifying positions. Some of those benefits can include:
• Supportive work culture
• Medical, Vision and Dental Coverage
• Retirement Plans, Health Savings Account, and Flexible Spending Account
• Instant pay is available for qualifying positions
• Paid Time Off Accrual Bank
• Opportunities for growth and advancement
• Tuition assistance/reimbursement
• Excellent pay differentials on qualifying positions (extra pay for working evening, nights or weekends)
• Flexible scheduling

Job Description

Essential Functions:

Implements the ANA Nursing Process (2010) to assess, diagnose, plan, implement, and evaluate patient care:
• Acquires inclusive and significant facts about the individual's health status or situation.
• Delving into the evaluation information is necessary to determine the diagnosis or topics of focus.
• A customized healthcare plan can minimize the possibilities of adverse reactions or complications while maximizing the effectiveness of treatment.
• Designs a comprehensive plan that considers various factors and variables that may affect the attainment of expected outcomes.
• Implements the devised plan and tracks patient improvement to ensure they are on course.
• Care coordination promotes patient safety and reduces medical errors.
• Promoting a healthy lifestyle and creating a secure environment is essential to ensuring optimal well-being.
• To encourage positive change, the advanced practice registered nurse and the nursing role specialist use their knowledge and skills to provide consultation services that influence the identified plan and improve the abilities of others.
• Analyzing the success level of achieving the predetermined outcomes.

Uses the ANA Standards of Professional Performance (2010) to monitor and evaluate personal professional development:
• The systematic approach is the most effective way to improve nursing practice quality
• Nursing professionals must constantly strive to gain knowledge and proficiency that reflects current nursing practices
• It is important for nurses to self-evaluate their practice in relation to professional standards and regulations to ensure that they are providing safe and effective care
• Provides feedback to colleagues on their work to contribute to their development
• The success of nursing practice relies on the coordinated teamwork and effective communication between healthcare professionals, patients, and their families
• Ethical standards foster trust and confidence among clients, stakeholders, and the public, leading to sustained relationships and partnerships
• The integration of research into practice promotes continuous quality improvement in all areas of service provision
• Healthcare providers should also consider the impact of nursing services on practice and the wider healthcare system. This involves identifying opportunities for improvement and making adjustments as needed to ensure optimal patient outcomes
• Leads by example in setting a high standard of professional conduct and competence
• By implementing environmentally safe and healthy practices, businesses can not only contribute positively to the planet, but also set an example for others to follow and inspire further change
• At the heart of Monument Health's values is a commitment to excellence in every aspect of its operations, from patient care to community engagement.
• The job of a Registered Professional Nurse is subject to the laws and regulation enforced by the state and involves providing care consistent with the standards of practice mandated by the accrediting and certifying organizations.
• Demonstrates a commitment to upholding the ethical standards set forth in the Code of Ethics for Nurses (ANA 2010) through their actions and decisions.

Expertly apply technological and software solutions to meet objectives:
• Collaborate and record nursing actions and patient wellness care.
• Stay actively engaged and involved in the organization by utilizing all relevant work-related applications, such as company email, iLearn modules, employee surveys, and information about benefits, compensation, policies, and procedures.
• Constantly on the lookout for opportunities to enhance the quality of patient care delivery through resourcefulness and originality.
• Tasks beyond the scope of the typical job description.

Additional Requirements


Education - Completion of a nursing education program that is approved by a board of nursing

Certifications - Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification - American Heart Association (AHA); Registered Nurse (RN) - South Dakota Board of Nursing


Experience - 5+ years of Registered Nurse Experience

Education - Bachelors degree in Nursing

Physical Expectations:

The physical demands of this position are at a very high level. This job requires constant exertion of force exceeding 25 pounds (67-100% of the time), frequent exertion of more than 50 pounds of force (34-66% of the time), and occasional exertion of more than 100 pounds of force (up to 33% of the time) when moving objects. Those in this position may also be exposed to various hazardous materials, such as radiation, and frequently exposed to contaminated needles and infectious body substances. Furthermore, workers must be able to work designated shifts that may include 8, 10, or 12-hour work days, as well as occasional irregular hours or night shifts.

Job Category


Job Family

Acute Nursing


RCH Surgical Services

Scheduled Weekly Hours



Employee Type


10 Monument Health Rapid City Hospital, Inc.

Make a difference. Every day.

Employment opportunities at Monument Health are open to all qualified applicants, regardless of their background
Sulphur Springs TX United States


Apply - RN Surgical Services - Rapid City Hospital Sulphur Springs