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Job Description: Pharmacy Specialist

It is essential for Pharmacy Specialist to communicate effectively with physicians, colleagues, and patients in order to provide the best possible care...

Your role as a CVS Health Pharmacy Specialist will involve playing a key role in the delivery of human-centric care, such as improving accessibility, enhancing drug efficacy, and reducing healthcare costs.

• The state government mandates a valid and up-to-date pharmacy license as a prerequisite to working as a pharmacist in the state of employment
• Nowhere to be found on the DEA's list of prohibited persons
• APhA's Immunization Certification is recognized and accepted across the United States
• There are no pending legal cases or past records of criminal activities involving controlled substances for the person in question
• Preference given to candidates with a degree in Pharmacy, specifically a Bachelor of Science or Pharm. D

• The pay for this particular role typically falls in the range of sixty to seventy-three dollars an hour
• Be entitled to CVS Health bonus, commission, or short-term incentive income
• A broad range of health benefits comprising of medical, dental, and vision services
• A 401(k) savings plan with an employer match is a desirable employee benefit that can help workers save for retirement while also enjoying the benefit of a matching contribution from their employer
• Employee Stock Purchase Plan is a popular way for companies to encourage long-term employee participation in company growth strategies
• A fully-paid term life insurance plan is particularly advantageous for those who want to ensure that their beneficiaries receive a guaranteed lump sum payout upon their death
• Short-term disability benefits are often provided by employers as an employee benefit, while long-term disability benefits may be provided by an employer or purchased as a separate insurance policy
• Paid holidays are days when an employee is not required to work but still receives their regular pay
• The company's offerings go beyond just employment earnings, as it offers a variety of well-being initiatives, educational opportunities, training programs, and discounted merchandise

• Infusing a sense of compassion in your leadership approach will result in better patient outcomes and a more harmonious workplace
• Develop a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Encourage staff to attend conferences, take courses, and participate in training programs to stay up-to-date on industry best practices and new technologies
• Recognizing opportunities for innovation and using this to create viable solutions can set a company apart from its competitors
• To accomplish the desired outcomes, a team must be led and solutions must be put in place
• Adjusting plans to suit changing circumstances is an essential aspect of adapting and succeeding in a dynamic healthcare community
• Find new methods to increase your progress, cooperate with associates, and attain better consequences
• A clearly stated purpose can serve as a unifying force, helping individuals feel more connected and invested in collaborative efforts
• Develop a culture within the team that demonstrates a deep concern and consideration for each other's wellbeing, a high level of engagement, and a strong sense of ownership
• Incorporating community outreach programs and education efforts can help CVS further its mission of promoting health and well-being and enhance its reputation as a trusted healthcare provider

• Pharmacy Professional Practice
• Regulatory Requirements
• Quality Assurance
• Customer Service
• Personnel Management
• Inventory Management
• Financial Profitability
• Loss Prevention
• Workflow Management

• Developing strong interpersonal skills involves active listening, empathy, and effective conflict resolution
• The ability to effectively coordinate and manage a group of individuals is a key ingredient to achieving success in any field
• To succeed in a fast-paced dynamic environment, one must be able to adapt to change and continuously learn and evolve
• It is also useful to collaborate with others, as this can lead to multiple perspectives and new ideas
• Exercising a high level of vigilance and precision is essential


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North Syracuse NY United States


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