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USPS is hiring for City Carrier Assistant position.

The largest government-based agency in the United States, the USPS, is seeking to hire applicants for this role across the country. The organization provides paid training sessions for all positions it hires which help fill knowledge gaps that candidates may have...

This job is a very important position at any post office because it ensures things keep running smoothly throughout each day. As a clerk you will do many different things such as selling stamps, handling incoming mail, sorting and distributing mail along with other clerical duties that are required of you! You will also be helping out the public with their mailing needs so this could really be seen as an entry level opportunity within USPS where there should not only be room for growth but also many different areas one can get into if they work hard!

Position Details:
• There are many positions available
• Initial pay scale starts at $23.47 per hour and goes up to $38.62 per hour based on experience level
• A person’s yearly income combined with full benefits package equals $72,400 per year

Benefits include paid vacation time off; sick leave; health insurance coverage options including dental & vision care coverage options available through various providers; retirement savings plans such as 401 (k); life insurance coverage options available through various providers among others

All benefits are subject to eligibility requirements according to federal law and regulations set forth by USPS management which may change from time-to-time without notice or obligation on behalf of employer towards employee(s) rights under ERISA Act (as amended); Better working conditions

Successful career advancements result in promotions that offer better hours or pay rates etc.

Job security - once established within any field there typically becomes need for employees who prove themselves over long periods thus creating stability within workplace environment leading some people down paths where they stay employed until retirement age due solely upon them being good at what they do best regardless if said individual likes job or not since benefits outweigh negatives associated with it.

USPS Careers:

This organization provides entry level positions as well as upper management roles; so whether you’re just starting out in your career or looking for something more executive oriented – USPS has got all bases covered when searching for stability!

Applicant Requirements:
• Must be at least 18 years old
• Must be a citizen of the United States

Postal Clerk Duties:
• Selling stamps: Clerks sell postage stamps, stamped envelopes, and postal cards to customers.
• Receiving mail: Another important step in receiving and processing incoming mail is identifying any sensitive or confidential information and handling it accordingly. This means that clerks must act responsibly when dealing with personal data which can include social security numbers, bank account details etc., ensuring such documents are delivered only into authorized hands/locations where applicable laws/regulations have been followed through upon by employer(s) involved within said situation(s).
• Delivering & sorting mail: After being received at post office branches – all letters/packages need to be sorted according to size, shape, weight etc., before being further forwarded onto their respective destinations based upon zip codes provided by sender.
• Performing administrative duties: The position also entails performing various clerical tasks that might include answering phones calls from customers inquiring about rates, hours of operation etc., filling out forms related with change requests or address correction requests among others while always maintaining high levels of accuracy throughout entire process involved therein so no errors occur during delivery stage(s) later on down line once package reaches final destination point between sender/receiver(s) thereof nor any other part along its journey towards ultimate goal achievement(s) whatsoever whenever possible.
• Helping customers with mailing needs: Postal clerks are customer service representatives who provide assistance to individuals regarding such issues as holds on mail deliveries due to vacations/business trips being taken (whereby USPS can store packages until recipient returns), updating addresses after moving homes/offices etc
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