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Does United States Postal Service provide any jobs that do not require experience? Yes, they are hiring Postal Clerks nationwide. This company offers numerous job opportunities without asking for previous experience. The organization is the largest employer in the federal government with around 1 million employees. All openings have paid training so there will be a smooth transition into your new... position.

About The Position: USPS Postal Worker (United States Postal Service) is one of the most important roles in this work place because it has many different responsibilities. As a clerk at USPS, you help them carry out their day-to-day tasks which include selling stamps; receiving and processing incoming mails; sorting and distributing mails etc.; general mailing needs such as completing change of addresses forms, managing mail holds or giving post office box service to customers who need them among other things. Not only does this position contribute greatly towards making USP run better but also provides great prospects for career growth within the organization since one can rise through various ranks in this dynamic postal services industry.

Position Details:

There are plenty of positions available right now
• Starting Employee Compensation: $23.47 - $38.62 per Hour
• Average pay $72,400 a year plus additional benefits
• Life insurance coverage provided by the company ensures that employees are able to take care of their loved ones even if something unexpected happens to them while working for USPS

The ability to grow with your employer and face new challenges along the way keeps you engaged in what you do Employment Opportunities at USPS If looking forward towards an exciting rewarding career then United States Postal Service might just be perfect fit for you; competitive pay rates, exceptional job benefits packages, possibility for promotions within ranks as well as job security all these make working at USP one's best option.

Minimum Requirements For Application: Applicants must meet following criteria before applying; they should be minimum 18years old and have US citizenship.

Responsibilities of Postal Service Clerk involve management and organization of mail containers and equipment within the sorting facility:
• Stamps Selling
• Creating Efficient Systems For Processing Mails- Effective systems for processing mails ensure that letters get processed and dispatched on time in well arranged manner which eventually saves a lot of time, resources as well cost for the company.
• Various administrative duties can demand multi-tasking
• Helping members from public with common post office tasks like changing addresses or temporarily holding back delivery of their mails etc.

About USPS: This is one among many organizations established over two hundred years ago and currently it stands as America's largest employer with close to a million workers. USPS operates more than thirty thousand post offices across US territories handling six hundred million pieces every year going to one hundred forty two million delivery points; fleet size being over two hundred thousand vehicles making them world’s biggest postal service provider. They are an equal opportunity employer offering good wages, benefits package, chances for career growth plus job security too. Although Labor Services does help people find jobs they are not associated directly with United States Postal Service so keep that in mind when applying through them. Join us at this great organization today
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