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Job Summary:

Live Trucking is an unbeatable partner for anyone seeking a fulfilling career in the trucking industry. Our affiliated companies seek team members who share their passion for trucking and possess a strong work ethic. We offer a wide range of job positions, tailored to your strengths and interest. Join us, and experience the excitement of a challenging career that will positively... impact your overall comprehension of the trucking sector.

• The efficiency and expertise of our drivers are the foundations of our transportation services. Their abilities enable us to fulfill our commitments to timely deliveries, every time without fail.
• Help in the improvement of your town or city by facilitating the transportation of items to various spots, promoting the growth of the regional economy, and cultivating enduring connections with local establishments and individuals.
• If you're looking to gain autonomy in your career, Live Trucking is here to help. With their aid, you can create your trucking company, giving you the power to make decisions and take charge of your future.
• One of the significant benefits of working as a team driver is the opportunity to mitigate fatigue for each other. With one driver resting while the other drives, the fatigue rate significantly reduces, and this ensures they remain alert throughout the entire journey.

• A determined adherence to safety protocols matched with exceptional safe driving accomplishments.
• The ability to communicate well and build relationships is crucial in collaborating with peers and customers.
• Exhibiting the ability to drive for prolonged periods while being unwavering in attention to detail.
• A mechanic needs to have a sound understanding of vehicle upkeep and the ability to troubleshoot any issues to be successful in this profession.
• By drawing on their knowledge and experience in transportation logistics and route optimization, dispatchers are able to make smart choices about resource allocation, such as determining the optimal vehicles to assign to specific routes.

EEO Statement:

Our philosophy at Live Trucking is centered around creating a work setting that embraces and celebrates diversity. We believe in respecting and valuing every individual, and we are committed to fostering an inclusive atmosphere for employees, irrespective of their age, gender, ethnicity, race, sexual preference, physical challenges, or veteran status.

Collaborate with Live Trucking to embark on an extraordinary adventure that acknowledges your expertise and goals, and provides unmatched chances for growth in your line of work. Embrace the excitement of traveling along vast roads while performing your role in the progression of the transportation domain. Unravel latent possibilities, network with influential organizations, and enhance your trucking occupation with Live Trucking.

About Us:

At Live Trucking, revolutionizing the trucking sector is our focal point. Our goal is to develop an effective platform that connects skilled drivers with gratifying employment opportunities across the United States. This enables drivers to succeed in their careers and supports the growth and success of transportation businesses
Canyon TX United States


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