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  • 1 week ago

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Post Office Handlers are being sought by the USPS to fill their positions and give them a career platform.

Are you anxious to get a job? The United States Postal Service is hiring Postal Clerks nationwide. There are no previous work experience required for various positions being offered. With almost one million employees, it is the largest government-related agency. For each opening paid... training is provided by the company so that you can easily fit into your new role.

About the Position: The US Post Office Handler position at USPS is an important role that entails many different tasks. In this position as a clerk, you are instrumental in making sure everything runs smoothly throughout all areas of operation within the postal service such as selling stamps; receiving and processing incoming mail; sorting & distributing mail; performing other general clerical duties among others too numerous to mention here. Additionally, staff may be asked for advice by members of public who require help with basic mailing needs like completing change of addresses; managing mail holds or providing post office box services etcetera – not only does this contribute towards efficiency within USPS but also opens up opportunities for advancement within organization because these aspects form part of dynamic nature inherent in postal service provision today.

Position Details:
• There are many different jobs available
• Starting Pay: $23.47 – $38.62 per hour (entry-level)
• Median Salary: 72,400/year with full benefits package included
• Paid time off during holidays ensures staff enjoy festive seasons more while still earning income

When employees feel good about where they work then their performance tends to improve leading to better outputs hence creation of conducive working environment which enhances productivity levels among workforce thus resulting into job satisfaction among staff members thereby contributing positively towards achievement organizational goals set forth through realization higher profits gained from increased revenue generation due improved customer satisfaction levels achieved as result greater efficiency displayed across various departments within an establishment characterized by optimal utilization resources necessary attain success desired under such circumstances.

Career Opportunities at USPS: If you are looking for an exciting career that will allow you to grow and develop professionally, then the United States Postal Service may be perfect fit. USPS offers competitive pay rates, great benefits packages, opportunities for advancement within the company as well as job security.

To qualify for consideration candidates must meet two requirements - they must be at least 18 years old and hold U.S citizenship.

The duties of a USPS Clerk include scanning items to track them through their delivery process up until point where they are labeled with appropriate addresses before being weighed prior dispatching them off respectively:
• Selling postage stamps
• Speeding up mail reception
• There can be different ways by which mail is sorted out depending on size of organization or its budgetary allocation towards this activity; Some small businesses may rely entirely upon manual sorting while others might opt for automated systems designed specifically for postal services use only.
• Administrative tasks could involve answering questions from colleagues or clients
• Assisting customers with general postal requirements like changing address details or requesting temporary suspension delivery dates.

About USPS: The US Postal Service was formed more than 200 years ago and it remains the largest government-related agency employing close to one million people. With over 30 thousand post office locations across America delivering in excess of six hundred million individual pieces annually to one hundred forty two million unique destinations each day; Using a fleet consisting upwards of two hundred thousand vehicles making them world leaders when it comes transportation logistics industry too. Equal opportunity employer hence good pay rates; excellent benefits package such as retirement plans; ample chances progression through ranks offered alongside guaranteed employment stability should any hardworking individuals decide seek positions here as part time workers too. It should however be noted that Labour Services – a private employment service provider assists people finding jobs but is not directly affiliated with USPS itself. So why wait? Apply today if interested in working at such reputable establishment
River Falls WI United States


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