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Find various job opportunities as a Postman Assistant

The largest government-based agency in the US, USPS is hiring for multiple roles nationwide and no prior experience is necessary. They offer paid training to help bridge any gaps in knowledge that applicants may have...

The Postman Assistant position is responsible for carrying out duties that are critical to the smooth running of the company. As a clerk, you will perform tasks such as selling stamps, receiving and dispatching mail items, sorting and delivering mail pieces and performing clerical work. Additionally, you will provide essential services to the public including but not limited to post office box rentals, mail holds and address changes. The role presents excellent prospects for career development within USPS.

Position Details:
• A wide range of job openings are currently available from which you can choose
• Those who are new to their careers can expect an hourly wage between $23.47 - $38.62
• An employee at this facility can expect an annual income of $72,400 with benefits included
• Paid vacation time off work, sick leave pay and holiday pay are some of the many valuable benefits provided by this employer
• Advancement up through higher positions while enjoying comfortable working environments represents professional growth opportunities that may be desirable for some individuals seeking employment security or stability over long term periods;

USPS offers long-term job security because it is designed to be stable but still dynamic.

Applicants must meet certain requirements: being 18 years old or older; and being a citizen of United States.

Postal Service Clerks should have knowledge about different postal regulations so as not to wrongly process mail:
• Sale of postage stamps;
• Maintaining clear communication channels with colleagues/supervisors can also contribute towards efficient handling of incoming mails;
• Sorting out forwarded mails based on their sources/destinations;
• Performing other duties required in support office operations;
• Providing specialized help for customers' mailing needs especially those related with change-of-address requests or placing mail on hold.

About USPS: Established in 1792, USPS is the nation's oldest and largest government-related agency with over 600,000 employees. It operates more than 30,000 post office locations across the country that deliver mail to 142 million delivery points annually. The company has a fleet of approximately 200,000 vehicles making it the world's largest civilian vehicle fleet. USPS offers equal employment opportunity for everyone thus provides competitive pay packages as well as excellent benefits including promotions on merit grounds alongside steady work hours so please consider Labor Services which is a private employment service when looking for job opportunities but remember they are not associated with USPS in any way therefore Joining USPS will give you chance to serve your country better while building yourself professionally
Bellwood IL United States


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