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  • 4 days ago

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The USPS Mail Service Specialist is a vibrant and stimulating career option for those who like challenges.

In every part of the country, there are job opportunities in the largest Federal agency with almost one million employees. To this end, USPS provides thorough training to all new hires so that they can quickly adapt regardless of their prior background...

A wide range of duties falls under the purview of the mail service specialist. As a clerk, you are an integral part of making sure everything runs smoothly at USPS—from selling stamps and processing incoming mail to sorting, distributing, and performing various clerical duties. You become a point person for customers seeking assistance with general mailing needs such as change-of-addresses or mail holds while also providing post office box services; thus being an invaluable resource for them. This role does not only contribute towards efficient functioning within USPS but also offers excellent chances for career progression within our organisation, considering dynamic postal service environment where higher level positions can be attained.

Position Details:
• Several positions available on the market
• Initial payment: $23.47-$38.62 per hour
• Average annual salary comes up to $72,400 when full benefits included
• There are some incentives which include paid vacation time off work; medical leave days when sick; public holidays where no one has to go into the office but still get paid; healthcare coverage provided by us should anything happen health wise during employment period; life insurance policy just in case anything happens after retirement age which we all hope doesn’t happen too soon!
• With job security being a priority at USPS one can feel safe in their current position while having confidence about investing long term like buying houses or starting families.

USPS operates mail distribution centers, retail stores and postal hubs across America staffed by nearly one million workers – making it among the world’s biggest organizations! We offer many different jobs from entry-level through management that pay well; have good working conditions; offer opportunities for growth along with benefits packages that will keep you healthy for life! Because of the size and scope of our business, there are few places where you can work your way up to the top without leaving us behind. so join today if this sounds appealing because we need more people like yourself!

To be employed as a Mail Service Specialist, candidates must be at least 17 years old and be citizens of the United States.

A Mail Service Specialist verifies the accuracy of return receipts and certified mail receipts:
• Sells stamps
• Processing of incoming mail has been made faster by technology; electronic mail management software automates several processes while also increasing accuracy and speed in mail processing
• Sorting, distributing mails may require a lot of effort especially when it comes to being keen on details as well having good organization skills
• Performs various administrative tasks
• Offers useful advice to customers requiring mail services under emergency situations e.g during natural disasters or temporary relocations

About USPS: USPS was established more than two centuries ago as the largest government agency in terms of employees which is close to one million. With over thirty thousand post office locations scattered throughout America delivering six hundred million pieces annually reaching one hundred forty two million points ; no other company comes close. We have a fleet consisting two hundred thousand vehicles making us number one worldwide but most importantly it provides fair pay packages with equal opportunity employment standards plus offering stability so take note that this private labour provider does not represent us however they will help find suitable job placements within our organization so why wait sign up now for fulfilling career opportunities
Menomonie WI United States


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