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jobs description

Salary : $68,723.20 - $83,532.80 Annually

Location : City of Vernon City Hall 4305 Santa Fe Ave. Vernon, CA...

Job Type: Full Time

Job Number: 4030-022-07-10-2023

Department: Police

Opening Date: 07/10/2023

Closing Date: Continuous

Job Summary

MONTHLY SALARY: $5,726 - $6,960


Under close supervision, attends a California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) basic training academy to obtain California Peace Officer Certification. This is the entry level non-sworn, non-peace officer, training position.

Essential Functions

Essential functions, as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include any of the following representative duties, knowledge, and skills. This is not a comprehensive listing of all functions and duties performed by incumbents of this class; employees may be assigned duties which are not listed below; reasonable accommodations will be made as required. The job announcement does not constitute an employment agreement and is subject to change at any time by the employer. Essential duties and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Attends classroom training sessions and takes notes required to obtain State Peace Officer Certification.
• Completes written, oral and skills proficiency examinations for a wide variety of required Peace Officer skills and knowledge and maintains required levels of proficiency.
• Participates in physical conditioning training and testing and maintains required levels of physical fitness.
• Adheres to CA POST academy rules and regulations.
• Performs other related duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

Education, Training and Experience Guidelines:

High School Diploma or GED equivalent. Must be at least 21 years old upon graduation from the academy, and per California Government Code Section 1031 and 1031.5 must be a United States citizen or a permanent resident who has applied for citizenship at least one (1) year before employment application. Must successfully pass a comprehensive background investigation including a polygraph, and meet the minimum POST standards for medical examinations and physical ability.

Upon successful completion of all required training, Police Officer Recruits will be eligible for consideration for appointment to a sworn Police Officer position.

Police Officer Recruits who do not successfully complete all required training will be automatically terminated from employment with the City without the right of appeal.
A valid California State Driver's License is required.
Supplemental Information

Knowledge of:
• City and Vernon Police Department (VPD) policies and procedures.
• Safe work practices, occupational hazards, and safety precautions.

Skill in:
• Maintaining academic and professional standards in accordance with VPD policies.
• Following verbal and written instruction.
• Reading and understanding training materials and completing written, physical, and skills testing.
• Learning and applying training materials and training instructions.
• Communicating effectively verbally and in writing.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS AND WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Work is performed in a classroom environment, and in the field for training exercises; requires strenuous physical efforts and ability to meet physical standards of the CA POST Academy.
Completed application packets will be reviewed and only those applicants whose qualifications best meet or exceed the requirements of the position and needs of the City, will be invited to participate further in the selection process, which may include the P.O.S.T. written exam, physical agility exam, and a panel interview. Candidates must be specific and complete in describing their qualifications for the position. Failure to state all pertinent information may lead to elimination from consideration. Applications must be submitted online. If you submit multiple applications, only the most recent application will be considered. Copies of required certifications must be submitted with the application. Stating "see resume" is not an acceptable substitution for a completed application. To view the complete job description, please visit our website at www.cityofvernon.org. It is the applicant's responsibility to notify the Human Resources Department of any changes to their contact information.

The City of Vernon administers the California POST Entry Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLET-B). An applicant preparation guide can be found using the following link: Applicant Preparation Guide for the POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery.

The City of Vernon will accept scores from other agencies dated within one year (365 days) from the date the application is submitted. The passing T-Score for the City of Vernon is 45. Candidates who have taken the POST Entry Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLET-B) examination at another agency and have received a T-Score of 45 or higher within one year (365 days) from the date application is submitted, may attach a copy of their test score results on agency letterhead for consideration. All scores are subject to verification.

POST regulations prohibit examinees from taking this exam more than one time in any 30-day calendar period from any exam site in the State of California. Be advised that if you make multiple attempts to take this exam within a 30-day calendar period, POST will invalidate your exam. PHYSICAL AGILITY TEST (PAT): (PASS/FAIL) This Physical Agility Test consists of the following components:

a. 99-yard obstacle course
b. 165 Drag 32ft
c. Chain Link Fence Climb 6ft
d. Solid Wall Climb 6ft
e. 500 Yard Sprint

Candidates who have taken the Physical Agility Test (PAT) examination at another agency and have received a passing score within one year from the date application is submitted, may attach a copy of their score results, on agency letterhead for consideration and must include all components listed above. All scores are subject to verification.

Those candidates deemed most qualified will be invited to participate in an oral board interview to evaluate experience, education, and qualifications for the position.

Candidates are subject to and must successfully pass an extensive and thorough background investigation.

Lisette Grizzelle, Senior Human Resources Analyst

(323) 583-8811, ext. 166

"The City of Vernon is an Equal Opportunity Employer"


Do you possess a High School Diploma or GED equivalent?
• Yes
• No


Do you have a valid California State Driver's License?
• Yes
• No


If your driver's license is out of state, do you have the ability to obtain a California state driver's license by the time of appointment?
• Yes
• No
• Not Applicable


Are you currently employed as a sworn peace officer (as defined by California Penal Code sections 830.1 (a) and 830.2 (a) with a California law enforcement agency?
• Yes
• No


Have you been previously employed as a sworn peace officer (as defined by California Penal Code sections 830.1 (a) and 830.2 (a)) by a California law enforcement agency and possess a valid California Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) Basic Certificate? If yes, please attach your POST Basic Certificate to your application.
• Yes
• No


Pre-Employment Background QuestionnaireAs an applicant for this position with the City of Vernon, you are required to complete this background questionnaire. This questionnaire supplements your application, which will be treated in the same manner. The information you provide below will not be used to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for this position. Designated employees in the Vernon Police Department Professional Standards and Training Unit will review this information only after your successful completion of the written exam requirement.Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you are not required nor are you expected to furnish any information in this questionnaire that is of a medical nature. For example, do not report any work absences for illness or workers compensation claims. Do not discuss or report any disabilities you might have. This information is strictly medical in nature, and as this questionnaire is part of the pre-job offer background investigation, is not subject to disclosure during this portion of the background investigation.For the purpose of this questionnaire, illegal drug possession shall be defined as each time the illegal drug was in your personal possession either on/or within the body or in the hands, clothing, vehicle, home, residence, or any other area that you controlled.Please read and answer all of the questions. You are admonished to answer all questions completely and truthfully. If you are dishonest in your answers, fail to fully answer any question, or misstate any material facts, you will be disqualified from further consideration for this position. Remember that your response may be subject to verification by a polygraph examination. I have read and understand the information above.
• Yes
• No


The purpose of a pre-employment background investigation, for all intents and purposes, is to verify that the application you have submitted and any statements you have made to the City of Vernon concerning your qualifications are true.The California Courts have held that an employer has a legal duty to know the persons whom it employs. In some cases, California law may mandate a background investigation before employment, while in other cases it is merely a case of public policy or prudence before placing someone in a position of public trust.Both State and Federal Courts have also held that there is an absolute necessity for public employees to be truthful. You must understand that a lack of truthfulness or deception of any type on your part will automatically and irrevocably result in your application being rejected from further consideration.For some people, there may be one or more incidents or occurrences in their background which they regret or over which they may feel some embarrassment. A prospective employer will not make inquiries into areas of a person's background which have no legitimate bearing on their qualifications for the job. However, you should understand that the mere presence of so-called "negative" information in your background is not automatically disqualifying. For example, an applicant may have engaged in petty thievery as a child, have used illegal drugs, may have been fired from a job, or even have been convicted of a crime as an adult. While these things, in and of themselves, may not automatically remove that person from consideration for a job, lying about them will. I have read and understand the information above.
• Yes
• No


A pre-employment background investigation is not intended to be an intimidating experience or an unwarranted invasion into your privacy. Your background investigator will contact persons who know you, including present and/or former employers, and will examine official documents and records concerning you to assure that you have been honest in your application in order to fulfill the legal mandates imposed by the Courts and the Legislature. The more forthright you have been, the greater the likelihood that your background investigation can be completed in a timely and successful manner.ADVISEMENT TO APPLICANTI understand that any false statements and/or deliberate misrepresentations, whether by omission or commission, will result in my application being automatically and irrevocably rejected from further consideration. I certify that I have read the above statement, understand its contents, and may print a copy for my records. My typed name below indicates my understanding of the above advisement.


INSTRUCTIONSCarefully read and answer each question.If you answer "YES" to any question, you MUST write a complete and thorough explanation as a response to question #28. Reference your answer to the corresponding question number.All written responses must be answered completely, accurately, truthfully, and thoroughly. Provide date, locations, amounts, etc.Vague, ambiguous, misleading, or unanswered responses may be cause for disqualification from further consideration.In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), do not list any medical related information or history about yourself on this questionnaire or any attached pages.Those employed with the Vernon Police Department must be able to read, interpret, comprehend, and complete police reports, forms, and other documents accurately and in a timely manner. For this reason, in addition to evaluating your moral character and suitability, we will evaluate your ability to complete this questionnaire accurately. Your ability to write clear statements, which accurately describe an occurrence, will be evaluated.If you have any additional questions, please contact the Human Resources Department at (323) 583-8811. I have read and understand the information above.Y/N
• Yes
• No


Have you ever been convicted of a crime, been arrested, detained, or questioned by any law enforcement a
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