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Postal courier person are being hired by USPS (United States Postal Service) which provides for career growth and development

Do you want jobs that require no previous experience? The United States Postal Service is recruiting Postal Clerks all over the country and giving them numerous job opportunities without having to have any previous experience. It is the biggest government-related agency... with about 1 million employees. They provide paid training for all positions, so you will be able to smoothly transition into your new role.

About the Position: The position of a postal courier person at USPS (United States Postal Service) is a vital role with many responsibilities. As a clerk, your duties include selling stamps, receiving and processing incoming mail, sorting and distributing mail as well as performing various clerical duties among others. You will also act as an important source of help to the public in general mailing needs such as completing change of addresses forms; managing mail hold requests; providing post office box service etcetera . This job not only contributes towards efficient functioning of USPS but also presents excellent promotional prospects within organization given its dynamic nature in terms of higher level positions available in postal service industry.

Position Details:
• There are many job vacancies available for individuals seeking employment
• Starting Pay: $23.47 - $38.62 per hour depending on location and education requirements
• With full benefits package included average salary reaches up to$72,400 annually
• The company offers paid vacation time off for relaxation purposes after long working hours
• The best employees create optimal working conditions resulting in pleasant work atmosphere which in turn increases output quantity and quality hence ensuring success of business enterprise.

Competitive Pay: USPS acknowledges that its staff members form backbone hence competitive pay packages are provided for across board. The management further recognizes hard work done by these workers through robust compensation plans including attractive remuneration packages supplemented with various allowances like transport allowance among others.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and US citizens.

Some duties include but are not limited to:
• Responding to customer inquiries and complaints regarding mail delivery problems such as lost or misdirected mails
• Selling stamps
• Minimizing the Risk of Lost or Misdirected Correspondence
• By implementing efficient mail sorting and distribution systems, organizations can increase productivity levels, cut costs and improve overall efficiency which leads to better experiences for both customers and employees alike.
• Administrative tasks may involve responding to colleagues/customers queries etcetera .
• Helping members of the public with common postal activities like changing addresses temporarily suspending delivery of their mails among others.

About USPS: United States Postal Service (USPS) was established more than two centuries ago; it is currently the largest government-related agency employing close to a million people. With over 30 thousand post office locations nationwide and delivering about 600 million pieces of mail annually, USPS serves 142 million delivery points across USA. The organization operates a fleet of more than 200k vehicles making it the biggest in world terms. USPS being an equal opportunity employer offers competitive pay packages together with good benefits packages including pensions scheme contributions from employer side which are meant to ensure financial stability throughout one's career within this esteemed establishment. Although labor services acts as private employment service provider helping individuals acquire jobs however it does not have any association whatsoever with US Postal Services (USPS). Start working at USPS today where you will find great pay rates along with multiple chances for promotion thereby giving job security too
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