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  • 4 days ago

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In case you want a challenging and thrilling profession in the postal field, take into consideration applying for the Assistant Rural Carrier

We are currently offering work opportunities throughout the country in the country's top federal agency, which employs nearly 1 million individuals. USPS provides comprehensive training programs to ensure that new employees can easily adapt to their roles... even without prior experience.

The duties of an Assistant Rural Carrier at USPS are many and varied. As a clerk, you are an integral part of our team; from selling stamps and processing incoming mail to sorting, distributing, and performing other clerical duties as needed. You will also be working directly with the public so you'll assist customers with general mailing needs such as change of addresses, mail holds or post office box services. Not only does this position help keep things running smoothly within USPS but it also offers excellent potential for career growth within our organization itself given its dynamic nature as well as various higher positions available throughout United States Postal Service.

Position Details:
• We have multiple job openings available
• Starting pay is $23.47-$38.62/hour
• Average employee makes $72,400 per year plus full benefits

Incentives: Paid vacation, medical leave (paid), public holidays (paid), healthcare provisions, life insurance policies and retirement savings plans among others.

For those who value stability above all else when looking at careers having long-term financial security coupled with being able to find employment for years down line would really seal deal for many applicants out there!

The United States Postal Service is one ofhe largest employers in America with over 1 million workers nationwide. It operates retail stores across the country which provide consumers access to postal products and services including mailing supplies equipment rentals money orders postage stamps passport photos etc.. Additionally there are several distribution centers strategically located throughout each state where mail is sorted before being delivered locally by carriers or transported further via air rail sea depending on type destination involved etc.. The USPS also offers various jobs from entry level positions up through management which provide competitive pay benefits job security growth opportunities and more.

Job applicants must meet certain requirements including being a U.S citizen and at least 18 years old or above.

Assistant Rural Carrier operate postal equipment including scanners printers stamp machines etc.. They are responsible for selling stamps, receiving packages, printing shipping labels tracking numbers electronically etc.. Nowadays technology has made it easier to process incoming mail; this is done with the help of electronic mail management software that automates many processes thereby improving accuracy while also speeding up delivery time. Trained personnel working in post offices or other mail-related industries handle sorting and distribution of mails; these people know how best to handle different types sizes shapes weights volumes etc.. Assistant Rural Carriers perform various clerical functions such as filing documents answering phones taking messages data entry scanning copying etc.. They may also assist individuals by providing expert advice on matters relating to mailing like registering a business entity or getting mailbox services among others.

About USPS: Established over 200 years ago, USPS is the largest government-related agency, employing nearly 1 million people. Operating over 30,000 post office locations, USPS delivers over 600 million pieces of mail annually to 142 million delivery points. With a fleet of over 200,000 vehicles, USPS is the world's largest. As an equal opportunity employer, USPS offers great pay benefits career advancement job security. Please note that Labor Services a private employment service assists in gaining employment but is not affiliated with USPS. Apply today join us and begin working toward your future
Lowell MA United States


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