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Start a career with the United States Postal Service as a Postal Services Assistant and help deliver mail around the country.

Throughout the country, we’re looking for people to fill various positions in this country’s largest federal employer. You will be trained and supported by USPS as you settle into your new job; previous experience is not essential...

Detail-orientedness is everything when it comes to being a Postal Services Assistant: this ensures that packages and letters are delivered to their rightful owners. Accuracy matters most especially during address-reading and sorting phases where parcels need to be arranged basing on certain places or client requests. Also, processing large volumes of mails efficiently during peak periods guarantees timely delivery.

Position Details:
• There are many openings
• $23.47 – $38.62 would be your starting wage per hour
• On average employees make $72,400 annually besides full benefits package provided by most companies trying attract top talents
• Perks include paid time off (including vacation days and sick leave), holidays (federal ones too!), medical insurance coverage(s), life insurance plans, retirement plans etc.
• Having a job can give some peace of mind about one’s future at work especially if they feel like things aren’t stable due economic downturns which often lead tot uncertainty over whether or not there will still be employment there tomorrow let alone next week/month/year even decade from now.

USPS is an abbreviation for United States Postal Service which has offices all across America employing close to one million workers who serve its citizens through sending letters packages among other duties related thereto; it also operates retail stores together with mail distribution centers plus postal stations thereby providing different kinds of jobs ranging from entry level up until management positions where pay rates are competitive while working environment being favorable for career development purposes as well having job security included in them.

Minimum age requirement is 17 years old and must be U.S citizen to qualify for employment consideration

Postal Service Clerk must ensure mail/packages security is maintained by following correct procedures/protocols such as;
• Selling stamps
• Receiving, sorting and distributing incoming letters, packages and documents
• Sorting then delivering mail to its recipients as required by modern day communications systems
• Doing various types clerical duties
• Assisting those people who want help on how they can forward their mails or even stop them from being delivered altogether.

About USPS: USPS was founded more than two centuries ago making it one of America’s oldest organizations. It currently boasts over 30K post office locations across the nation which collectively handle about six hundred million pieces of mail each year destined for delivery at one hundred forty two million points. With a fleet size exceeding two hundred thousand vehicles USPS operates the largest such system worldwide. Equal employment opportunity is practiced within this company hence good pay packages come with benefits like career growth opportunities together with job security too. Note that Labor Services acts as private employment agency assisting individuals in securing jobs but has no affiliation whatsoever to United States Postal Service. Start your journey today with us
East Point GA United States


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