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  • 5 days ago

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If you are searching for an engaging and thrilling job in the mailing sector, Mail Handler Assistant at USPS might be just what you need.

That is to say, we currently have employment opportunities throughout the country in the largest agency of the government which employs almost 1 million people. In fact, USPS provides excellent training for all new employees so no matter their previous... experience they are sure to have a smooth transition.

The role of a Mail Handler Assistant at USPS requires good communication skills. Essentially this means being able to talk well with clients, team members as well as other departments using various platforms such as emails phones or face to face interactions. This position involves working with people from different races, ethnicities backgrounds cultures which highlights the need for inclusivity and diversity.

Position Details:
• Multiple job vacancies still need filling
• Starting pay rate: $23.47-$38.62/hour
• Standard compensation package for jobs with full benefits averages $72,400 per year

Perks: Enjoy paid vacation days sick days public holidays health benefits life insurance retirement plan etc.

Often career growth comes from favorable working conditions where companies offer great employee benefits work-life balance thus being able to retain top talent and this creates growth opportunities for workers .

USPS is a massive organization employing almost 1 million workers who manage postal hubs mail distribution centers as well as retail locations across America. There are many different types of jobs available at USPS ranging from entry-level positions up through management with exceptional pay pleasant environments and ample chances for professional advancement.

In order to be considered for any position candidates must meet specific requirements like being a U.S citizen who is 18 years old or older.

Aiding customers by answering questions about mail delivery and resolving issues related to it is among the main duties performed by Mail Handler Assistants:
• Selling stamps
• Prompt attention should be given towards mail requests since quick handling saves time on urgent or critical mails that can cause delays if not acted upon urgently.
• Therefore mail processors sort out label and distribute mails to the rightful recipients
• Performing different types of clerical work.
• Assisting people who need help with common mailing services such as forwarding their mail or putting a temporary hold on its delivery while they are away etc.

About USPS: Founded more than two centuries ago, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is the largest government-related agency with approximately 1 million employees. With over 30,000 post office locations nationwide and a network that reaches 142 million delivery points annually by delivering more than 600 million pieces of mail each year. It is also worth mentioning that USPS owns the largest fleet of vehicles in any organization worldwide numbering over 200,000 units.

An equal opportunity employer, USPS is committed to diversity and inclusivity; it offers competitive pay packages comprehensive benefits employee advancement programs among other career-boosting initiatives backed by job security second to none in the industry. Furthermore Labor Services which is a private employment service assists with employment however it operates independently from USPS hence should be noted.

Join us at USPS today and start your career journey in one of the most respected institutions
Paris TX United States


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