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If you are looking for a stimulating and exciting career in the postal industry, consider becoming a Mail Package Sorter with the USPS.

We are hiring nationwide for various positions within the federal government's largest agency employing approximately 1M individuals. The USPS provides training programs designed to help new hires quickly adapt to their new roles even if they have no prior... experience.

Given the fact that this position is vital to the operation of USPS, applicants must possess higher education qualifications. While a high school diploma or equivalent is usually required minimums may call for college degrees before being considered eligible for promotion into managerial posts.

Position Details:
• Plenty of job opportunities available
• Pay starting at $23.47-$38.62/hour
• $72,400 per year on average plus full benefits package offered by companies trying their best attracting top talents in an industry

Rewards: take pleasure in paid vacations/sick leaves/public holidays/health insurances/life insurance/pension plans offered as rewards

For those who prioritize job security above all else; working within fields where high demand intersects low turnover rates ensures such individuals will enjoy steady incomes with long term employment prospects ahead.

With nearly 1M employees across America US Postal Service operates mail distribution centers, retail locations and postal hubs throughout the country. USPS offers wide-ranging employment opportunities from entry level through management that provide competitive pay scales ideal work environments career advancement potentialities along side stability of employment rights protection under law provisions for all workers engaged by them.

To be considered for any open positions applicants must meet certain requirements which include being 18 years old or older and also a legal citizen/resident of United States.

Mail Package Sorters must follow all federal regulations and guidelines for handling and delivering mail:
• Selling stamps.
• Managing incoming mail: receiving sorting distributing letters packages documents.
• Sorting & distributing mails involves categorizing incoming mails according to their destinations preparing them for immediate delivery.
• Performing variety clerical duties.
• Providing excellent customer service to those who need help with their mail services starting from initial inquiry up until resolution of any arising problems.

About USPS: Established more than two centuries ago, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of America's most important institutions. With a workforce of around 1 million employees, USPS is also the largest single employer in the federal government and boasts over 30K post office locations nationwide. Every year, it delivers over six hundred million pieces of mail to one hundred and forty-two million delivery points across the country using a fleet consisting of more than two hundred thousand vehicles making it the world biggest postal service.

USPS is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusivity. It provides competitive salaries along with comprehensive benefits packages that include health insurance pensions plans and employee assistance programs among others while also ensuring career progression opportunities within its structures are available for all staff members regardless their backgrounds or qualifications Labor Services may be used as intermediary between job applicants seeking employment under USPS sponsorship but should not mistaken independent entity operating outside these establishments.

Apply now at USPS for a chance to work with this iconic organization that has been around since our country’s founding
University Park TX United States


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